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Happy Customers

Our story begins with a long-standing family tradition.

The love of products and manufacturing…

…runs in Simon’s family. His great-grandfather and grandfather already built manufacturing businesses and helped customers realize innovative ideas. After finishing his studies Simon decided to help out in his grandfather’s steel foundry and “reinvent it for the future”. In the beginning he did not understand that hard work, excellent quality and expertise did not necessarily lead to success. Simon visited many manufacturing companies to figure out how to help the businesses. Most of them were struggling with similar problems. Processes such as handling customer requests and requesting for quotes handled manually, cost the business a lot of time and money. Simon set out to change this. With his fellow classmate Daniel Garcia, he developed a vision that led to the launch of KREATIZE®.

TODAY. KREATIZE® helps manufacturing companies with smart purchasing solutions. We believe in the future of the manufacturing industry in Europe and want to help businesses in this market achieve more success and agility.

KREATIZE® digitalizes the way custom parts are ordered and manufactured. With our smart solutions we are proud supporters of the digital and agile world of manufacturing.


Simon Tuechelmann


Daniel A. Garcia Rodriguez


Leadership Team

Thomas Hoffmeister Kreatize

Thomas Hoffmeister


Giovanni Ughi


Zod B. Mehr

Chief Supply-Chain Officer

Sellamawe Woldemariam

Head of Customer Success

The KREATIZE Principles

Customer first

All our actions, activities and efforts are focused on delivering the best customer experience and service. We are crazy about our customers, do the impossible and really push to deliver 10x results. We keep our promise to the customer. Always.

Do more with less

Kill muda, be creative and do the unconventional. Be an innovator and make all processes simple and seamless. Fight unnecessary processes.

Fast but professional

60% now is better than 100% tomorrow. However, we try to standardise processes with everything we do, and improve them after they have been standardised. 60% is not an excuse to do incomplete things or workarounds, but to focus on the right things and do them in full.

The best or nothing

The bigger the vision, the more important the people. That’s why we hire slow, fire fast, and focus relentlessly on improving performance and being the best individual, team, and company. We deliver and expect the highest standard.

Deliver outstanding results 

We are output oriented and celebrate great results. If teams aren’t excelling, we do not ignore that but try to help. Everyone should speak up and point out underperformance without being afraid.

Team work not a family dinner

We work mission-based and start with the Why. We are open, transparent and honest. We offer help, and try to bring people onboard with our mission. Communication and context is necessary to understand the Why and to set people up for success.

Think big, start small and iterate

You can achieve more than you think! Shoot for the moon and start with a scooter.

Always be learning

No matter how great your experience and success, always ask »Is there a better way?«. Stay curious and never stop learning.

»Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.«

Henry Ford

PRO FIT Program of the Investitionsbank Berlin & EFRE

In 2017 we submitted an application for a subsidy to the Pro FIT program of the Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB). Pro FIT is a highly competitive program, which aims at advancing research, development and innovation in Berlin.  KREATIZE is now supported by the Pro FIT Program with the goal of researching and developing a CAD agnostic format for the representation of manufacturing data. This will enable faster pricing and the matching of projects to machines and materials. Our team is excited and looks forward to delving deeper into this fundamental topic. This project is also co-financed by the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE).