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The love of products and manufacturing…

…runs in Simon’s family. His great-grandfather and grandfather already built manufacturing businesses and helped customers realize innovative ideas. After finishing his studies Simon decided to help out in his grandfather’s steel foundry and “reinvent it for the future”. In the beginning he did not understand that hard work, excellent quality and expertise did not necessarily lead to success. Simon visited many manufacturing companies to figure out how to help the businesses. Most of them were struggling with similar problems. Processes such as handling customer requests and requesting for quotes handled manually, cost the business a lot of time and money. Simon set out to change this. With his fellow classmate Daniel Garcia, he developed a vision that led to the launch of KREATIZE®.

TODAY. KREATIZE® helps manufacturing companies with smart purchasing solutions. We believe in the future of the manufacturing industry in Germany and Europe, and want to help businesses in this market achieve more success and agility. KREATIZE® digitalizes the way custom parts are ordered and manufactured. Companies receive a complete offer for their request within 120 minutes. With our smart solutions we are proud supporters of the digital and agile world of manufacturing, and plan to support as many businesses as possible.

»Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.«

Henry Ford

Our Team.

We are #3D-print-enthusiasts, #manufacturing-romanticists, #efficiency-lovers, #shared-economy-disciples, #full-capacity-utilizers, #digital-transformers, and so much more. We believe in the power of collaboration and digital networks! We are convinced with the application of the latest technological possibilities we can make a significant difference in the way technical components are ordered and produced. If you are talented, motivated, and convinced of our mission, become a part of the KREATIZE Team.

Daniel A. Garcia Rodriguez

Co-Founder & CTO

Kevin Armbruster

Customer Success
Kevin Armbruster

Matthieu Ah-Koon

Online Marketing

Yassin Belal

Senior Front End Engineer

Florens von Buchwaldt

Web Developer

Samuel Böhm

Business Development

Matthieu Corbeau

Head of Engineering

Morgane Evin

Frontend Developer

Brendan Fennessy

Product Manager

Davide Gino

Business Intelligence

Vijay Gollapalli

Technical Content Manager

Luka Kevric

Business Development

Aleksandra Knezevic

Software Engineer

Konstantin Lackner

Backend Development

Cliff Ondara

Head of Biz. Dev & Finance

Carlo Schmid

Business Intelligence

Viktor Seibert

Partnership Management

Tamara Tüchelmann

Marketing & Communications

Simon Tüchelmann

Co-Founder & CEO

Sellamawe Woldemariam

Head of Customer Success