KREATIZE: Manufacturing The World Loves

We love manufacturing! In fact, modern life as we know it wouldn’t exist without the highly precise mechanical components being manufactured on-demand every day. Just think about some of the things you use each day. Machines build those toothbrushes, coffee grinders, food packaging, and cars. And there’s a full supply-chain behind them. Modern mobility —bicycles, trains, airplanes—would be impossible without manufacturing. 

If we look back at history, it’s clear that with a lot of courage and the right custom parts and mechanical components you can change the world. Gutenberg invented the printing press, allowing the world to share large amounts of information, quickly (1440). Carl Benz (with his wife and business partner, Berta) created the first practical automobile, giving us a way to get more places (1885). Charles Brush developed the world’s first automatically operated wind turbine generator, a cost-effective means of electricity generation (1888). Frank Whittle developed the Turbojet Engine, revolutionizing the way we fly (1937). And we can’t forget Steve Jobs, who forever changed the way we access the world’s information with the first iPhone (2007). All of these groundbreaking inventions were brought to life with the help of manufacturing. 

Accelerating innovation that changes the world

At KREATIZE our vision is to accelerate innovation that changes the world. We want to enable the Carl Benzes and Frank Whittles of our times to bring their inventions to market and scale production as seamlessly as possible.

Manufacturing is a beautiful and necessary thing. Yet for all innovative companies, it is also a hassle. You either choose to operate your own machines at a huge upfront investment, and then you are stuck with a given technology. Or if you decide to outsource your manufacturing, you are stuck with tedious, time-consuming procurement processes, and your engineers may not be able to access the manufacturing information they need to make the best design decisions. 

Manufacturing you will love

This is why our mission is to deliver manufacturing the world loves. We want to make it easier, more flexible, more transparent, and sustainable—at the lowest cost. For consumers this means better products, produced in a sustainable way, at a high rate of innovation. For engineers, it means getting all the necessary manufacturing information to design the best products. And for companies, it means bringing products to market and scaling production seamlessly.

To deliver on this mission, we have developed a proprietary and patented technology. Our software leverages the power of cloud manufacturing to provide our customers access to manufacturing capacities via a large network of preferred suppliers. 

We are a part of a big revolution in manufacturing. 

The new CEO of amazon once said: 

We strongly believe that manufacturing is heading in a similar direction. In ten years, most companies will no longer have their own machining shop floor, and they will not manage their own supply-chain. Only tasks that require proximity (like assembly) will be done on-site. All demand will have moved to cloud-manufacturing. 

KREATIZE supports the leading mechanical engineering companies in Europe, enabling them to free up their capital and their talent resources for new projects and innovations. Just imagine what amazing products are being created with a bit of courage and all these resources! 

Do you want to learn more about how you could begin to incorporate cloud manufacturing in your company? Download our Playbook: Bringing Hardware Products To Market Faster With Cloud Manufacturing. This playbook will provide you with a practical framework for getting your products to market faster, and at a lower cost with cloud manufacturing.