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Introducing: Our Cloud Manufacturing Whitepaper

Dive into our whitepaper and get an in-depth understanding of cloud manufacturing. Read it to get an overview of this game-changing technology, and find out how it will change the way hardware businesses operate in the future.

What Is Cloud Manufacturing? 

This is a common question from professionals who will be most impacted, and have the most to gain from cloud manufacturing.  Cloud services are the future of manufacturing, and a proper understanding of this technology is necessary to understand why the business of manufacturing is radically changing. 

At KREATIZE, we have created a cloud manufacturing platform that fully digitizes how custom parts are made and ordered.  As a leading company in the field of cloud manufacturing, we thought it necessary to produce a high-value content piece that provides hardware professionals with a comprehensive understanding of this technology, and the effect it will have on hardware businesses. 

Today, we are excited to share our whitepaper, “Cloud Manufacturing: It’s Technology & Impact On Hardware Businesses.”

Click on the image above to get the whitepaper today!

It is a deep look into the research and the business implementation of this disruptive technology, which will become central to the agile operations of hardware companies.  It is also a look at the challenges to its adoption, and how its transformational solutions are propelling its bright future.

Download the whitepaper to learn:

  • What is cloud manufacturing, and how it has gone from theory to practice 
  • About the ongoing research behind this nascent technology, along with thoughts from leading experts 
  • The key benefits of cloud manufacturing 
  • The transformative nature of cloud manufacturing
  • The big influence that cloud manufacturing will have on the next generation hardware company

Share your feedback as an early reader

We want to know what you think about this whitepaper. Let us know what you found useful, or what we’re missing. What aspects of the paper did we spend too much time on, and what did we not discuss enough? Your feedback will help us refine our content. Feel free to send your thoughts to  

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