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We’re changing the status quo of mechanical engineering. Welcome to KREATIZE!


What does it look like to gain access to manufacturing services with unlimited capacities, without any additional investment? KREATIZE CEO Simon Tüchelmann explains our vision for how technology will empower every engineer to create great products, with lower transaction costs and shorter delivery times.   

KREATIZE was founded in 2015 by Simon Tüchelmann (CEO) and Daniel A. Garcia Rodriguez (CTO), to help companies with smart purchasing solutions. We created a platform that digitizes the way custom parts are manufactured and ordered, to bring more agility into the world of mechanical engineering.

Simon Tüchelmann (CEO) and Daniel A. Garcia Rodriguez (CTO)

Our ultimate goal

KREATIZE drives innovations that change the world. We offer our customers the opportunity to innovate, design great products sustainably, and bring them to market quickly. In short: We are changing the status quo of mechanical engineering!

What drives us

We are changing the world of manufacturing, true to our mission: “manufacturing the world loves”. 

What does this mean? This means that:  

  • Engineers have access to manufacturing information they’ve never had before, enabling them to improve the design and performance of custom parts 
  • You can produce better products with less lead time and lower cost 
  • You can focus more on your end product, and less on purchasing bottlenecks
  • At the end of the day, manufacturing won’t be what holds you back from producing great products

We believe in a digital and agile European manufacturing world and our team of 40 Kreators work everyday to support it.


How we are changing the world of mechanical engineering

We support our customers in replacing their purchasing-centered processes with product-centered processes. Product-led companies understand that the primary driver of growth and value for their business is their product, so they prioritize around the product’s success. By automating your purchasing process, we enable teams to concentrate fully on developing their products. KREATIZE Manufacturing Cloud gives our customers access to production capacities without additional investments. It is as if you owned an expensive machine park without having to buy all the equipment and build it from the ground up. The acquisition of expensive manufacturing systems and lengthy inquiry and quotation processes are a thing of the past thanks to KREATIZE.

100% transparency, always! 

Using open book calculations, we analyze the production requirements for each component requested, and this forms the foundation of the production costs. With KREATIZE, the customer not only receives the price for the components, but also all the associated production times. This allows engineers to continually optimize their products and understand exactly what they are paying for in detail. 

Our proprietary software uses algorithms from artificial intelligence to enable the immediate calculation of the hourly machine rate and delivery time. The price is calculated using our smart pricing algorithm, our CAM simulations, and a comparison against analogous data. With every new part offered, we improve our knowledge and can thus offer the fairest and fastest prices, taking into account the current capacities of our suppliers.

Together with our more than 200 preferred suppliers worldwide, we offer our customers a variety of manufacturing processes.

We find the right supplier for every desired component—whether milled and turned parts, laser or waterjet parts, or 3D-printed components. In addition, our network is crisis-proof and has almost unlimited production capacities. We have our own quality center and work in very close cooperation with our partners to guarantee the highest quality and reliability of delivery. 

How we are different—industrial know-how meets high-tech expertise

What makes us unique is our software and its unmatched transparency in the specification of the production times. With KREATIZE Manufacturing Services, the customer not only has the opportunity to view production times and access machine capacities, but they can also optimize components during the development process. 

For example, designers can check and optimize the production times for a specific component while it is already in development. In addition, our competent team of mechanical engineering, purchasing, and data analysis experts is available to our customers every day! We are passionate about mechanical engineering and act as a personal contact for direct and open communication. We proactively support our customers in their purchasing process and ensure that their custom-made parts arrive on time and in perfect condition.

We are convinced that the European manufacturing industry is ready to take this next step away from expensive and lengthy purchasing, towards fast and lean processes to remain highly competitive.

Get yourself the free KREATIZE whitepaper about product development now: New Product Development Whitepaper


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