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Introducing: Our Procurement Savings Playbook

Dive into our playbook and get a complete understanding of how our cloud manufacturing technology, and services, provide hardware businesses with double digit savings in custom part procurement. Download it today and immediately picture the savings you could be making with our cutting edge solution. 

We would like to introduce you to our most recent playbook, “Cloud Manufacturing: A Simple Strategy For Reducing Procurement Costs.”

Cloud manufacturing platforms allow hardware businesses to develop products faster, easier, and more affordably.  

With KREATIZE’s unique cloud-based manufacturing solution, KREATIZE Manufacturing Services (KMS), companies can achieve cost reductions in custom parts procurement by offering a plug-and-play solution.

KMS is a one-stop solution, and allows hardware companies to upload all the relevant data of their custom parts, get additional feedback if required from our in-house world-class engineers, and, with the press of a button, start the manufacturing process. Companies that use KREATIZE, can get up to 50% of their custom parts set for 1-click-manufacturing.  In other words,  making your parts “cloud ready” through KMS. 


So what will you find in this playbook?

It is a clear step-by-step  guide as to how your company can achieve large savings by making their part portfolio cloud ready with KREATIZE.  Our network, and service with part configuration are explained clearly in this document.  Cloud readiness is explained in detail, and the monetary benefits associated with this process are described. 

This playbook is very accessible and a great tool for hardware professionals that want to save on their custom parts through a plug-and-play solution.  

What you will learn in the playbook:

– Why Cloud Manufacturing Is a driver for procurement 

– How KREATIZE achieves the cost savings

– How easy it is to incorporate cloud manufacturing into your procurement processes and decrease your cost

Share your feedback as an early reader!

We want to know what you think about this playbook. Let us know what you found useful, or what we’re missing. Your feedback will help us enhance our content. Feel free to send your thoughts to

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