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KREATIZE: Get An Edge With Cloud Ready Parts

One of the reasons why KREATIZE offers an unparalleled service for businesses seeking cloud manufacturing solutions is because we help them get their custom parts portfolio cloud ready. This is a crucial step for businesses that want to enjoy the maximum benefits offered by cloud manufacturing.

What makes a great cloud manufacturing experience? This is a question that we at KREATIZE have worked hard to figure out, and that we continue to perfect with our service oriented approach for hardware businesses. Simply put, a cloud manufacturing platform should deliver on its promise of faster, easier, and more affordable manufacturing, along with its ability to keep up with new system developments. As a leader and pioneer of this burgeoning technology solution we at KREATIZE have included a crucial step in our service offering that ensures hardware businesses obtain the benefits expected when using a cloud manufacturing platform. This step is the making of a customer’s parts portfolio cloud ready. 

“This is really critical for KREATIZE because it gives us a competitive edge,” said Simon Tuechelmann, Co-founder and CEO of KREATIZE.  Further adding that some of KREATIZE’s current customers have tried other platforms and been left with an unfulfilling experience.  “Our competitors are missing this key step in their process,” further added Tuechelmann.

What exactly does a cloud ready portfolio mean? 

Cloud-readiness is the process of getting a customer’s part designs configured, stored, and documented for them to enjoy one-click manufacturing.  A portfolio that is not cloud ready makes it harder for a business to utilize cloud manufacturing to its full potential, as well as increases the probability that they will not be satisfied with the experience, and end result of their manufactured parts. 

How does a portfolio attain cloud readiness? 

KREATIZE helps its clients achieve this with a straightforward 3-step process. 

1. Input & Data Collection

Hardware businesses first upload their drawings and CAD-files into KREATIZE Manufacturing Service (KMS),  which is our one-stop platform where specific requests for custom parts, such as materials, processes, post-processes and quantities are all inputted. Necessary material certificates and tolerances are also generally added at this stage. 

2. Automatic analysis of drawings & CAD-files

KMS then creates an open-book-calculation and estimation for the manufacturing of each part from the data inputted. 

3. Expert review and feedback provision

The automatic analysis carried out in KMS is then improved upon and supported by an experienced team of technical and success engineers from KREATIZE. The latter specialists make sure that the given customer data for custom parts is complete. This step secures the custom parts integration in the cloud, and essentially makes them ‘cloud-ready’. This is also the foundation for all cost savings in the procurement process, as it gives hardware businesses the ability to order their custom parts from our global network of machine capacities at the click of a button. KREATIZE can on average make 50% of a companies part portfolio cloud ready, and as a result provide them with a double digit reduction in their custom part procurement costs. Furthermore, KREATIZE engineers can help attain additional savings for customers in the overall production costs of parts by offering alternative suggestions, such as on production locations,  materials and even overall product construction.

Technical Account Managers (TAMs) at KREATIZE are at the heart of the cloud readiness process. They work hand-in-hand with our customers throughout each of the above steps to enhance their parts, and do what is necessary to get their custom parts portfolio cloud ready. 

“The bottom line is that we  are not just a platform where you are simply shown a price and shipping time when purchasing. KREATIZE provides steady human contact, and engineering ingenuity,” said Christoph Gunzel, who is a TAM at KREATIZE. “By having a system where our specialists also check, analyze and enhance configurations of custom parts, we are able to provide our clients with their desired parts.” 

Watch Simon and Christoph discuss cloud readiness in the video below for more details on this process: 

Download our playbook, “Cloud Manufacturing: A Simple Strategy For Reducing Procurement Costs,” to get the full insights into how cloud-readiness sheds large acquisition expenditures for hardware companies. 


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