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KREATIZE: The Story Behind Our Name

KREATIZE, that’s a name that’s inevitable when working with us or learning about our company, because well that’s our name! But what does this name actually mean? How does it align with our company? What’s the story behind KREATIZE? And who came up with it? That’s something you’re gonna find out in this article!

Our Co-Founders Simon Tuechelmann and Daniel Garcia Rodriguez sat down with Claudius Grabner of KREATIZE’s marketing team to share the story behind our unique name. Read on to find out everything you need to know about how our company got its one of a kind name: KREATIZE. 

Claudius Grabner (CG): The name KREATIZE can be found everywhere here at our company HQ in Berlin and offices in Balingen, and Wroclaw, but where does it actually come from?

“It’s a combination of the two words ”Create”  and ”Realize”  and are in reference to manufacturing. They stand for transparent, reliable and high quality manufacturing,” explained Daniel, CTO at KREATIZE. 

“A product needs to be created, which means there has to be a design which then evolves into a prototype, additionally you have to think about how you can improve it. After all these steps the product can be finally realized,” added Simon , CEO at KREATIZE “Additionally it stands for the way we grant access to plenty of manufacturing companies that help create the world’s best Hardware products.” 

CG: That’s really interesting, could you tell us how Create + Realize are relevant to the concept of Cloud manufacturing?

“We believe that Cloud Manufacturing will bring forth a completely new form of hardware companies,” said Simon.  

“It allows hardware companies to create superior parts, despite them having no huge supplier network and far less capital, than most others,” said Daniel . “We believe that in the future parts won’t need to be procured anymore, and will be created and realized in a seamless way”

Our KREATIZE neon sign is a landmark at our Berlin HQ.

CG: Our mission is “manufacturing the world loves”, does the name KREATIZE align with this mission? If yes, how?

“When we talk about manufacturing the world loves, we talk about manufacturing that is sustainable, approachable and easy. One of the biggest bottlenecks of manufacturing is procurement and when we simplify manufacturing through cloud manufacturing, we remove the bottlenecks and create a more sustainable, cost effective and agile manufacturing, which is manufacturing the world loves,” said Daniel. 

“One must have in mind that the slogan and our name were conceived independently from each other, however manufacturing the world loves does align with both creating and realizing. Regarding creation, we want to make sure that every stakeholder from a company should love this new process of manufacturing, starting with the creation of the product and then flowing into its realization,” further added Simon.

CG: That’s really interesting, thank you! How did you guys come up with the name? Like is there a specific story or scene that you still remember? Also was it a sudden revelation or did you plan this specific name for a long time?

Daniel laughed and confessed that it was not him who authored the name. “Simon came up with it, already way back in the past. I think it must’ve been sometime around December 2015 or so,”  said Garcia Rodriguez. 

KREATIZE is a combination of create and realize. The story of this name is a in a way a microcosm of this fun 3D printed sign, which was created and realized.

CG: Simon , how did you come up with this name? Do you remember the specific scene? What is the KREATIZE story?

“Oh yes, that was quite some time ago,” said Simon. “I already had the name when I first talked to Daniel about our business idea. I came up with the name KREATIZE when I was still the director of tsf Tübinger Stahlfeinguss GmbH & Co.KG, which was the former company I managed,” said Simon. 

“I was in my office, standing in front of my whiteboard and thinking about all sorts of possible names that could relate to Cloud Manufacturing in some way. I took some time to think about what Cloud Manufacturing is at its core, and arrived at creating and realizing. So I combined these terms which resulted in KREATIZE,” continued Simon.

Funnily enough though, KREATIZE was supposed to be a ‘working title’, but we all liked it so much that we ended up using it,” confessed Simon. 

CG: If I may ask, do you remember any alternate names or anything similar? Or was KREATIZE the first real name you had in mind?

“I can’t really think of any alternate names,” Simon said. 

“Me neither, but there were different variations of spelling and  pronunciation of KREATIZE actually”, said Daniel. “We considered pronouncing it in a more German way, such as KREH-AH-TEE-ZE instead of the current English pronunciation.” 

KREATIZE is everywhere in our offices. Especially on our walls and shared work areas.

CG: Talking about spelling, I have one last question, since KREATIZE is a combination of “create” and “realize” and the former starts with a “C” why does KREATIZE start with the letter “K”?

“The K is supposed to make the word look German” said Simon, “The K is not only our striking feature, but it’s also supposed to showcase that KREATIZE is in fact a German company, and not a company from the Anglosphere”

Want to know more about KREATIZE and what its mission is? Read our article “Manufacturing The World Loves” by Simon Tuechelmann.

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