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KREATIZE.COM Gets a Redesign

New website is part of company strategy to create a more seamless experience for customers and other stakeholders.

KREATIZE recently went live with its new website for desktop and mobile users, marking an important milestone in the company’s mission to provide a manufacturing experience the world loves. 

During the various project phases, the company remained focused on its main goal: to enable a hassle-free manufacturing experience.

In KREATIZE’s belief, this could only be achieved through the application of Cloud Manufacturing principles, whose primary goal is to facilitate transparent, sustainable, and effective manufacturing.

In consequence, the newly re-launched website including its design and content was developed based on having a complete understanding of the customer and other stakeholder needs. The company then built applicable user flows for each of them, ensuring that users get what they come for promptly and without any distraction.

This resulted in the company website now offering extensive content on:

1. The functions and benefits of the full-service-platform KMS (KREATIZE Manufacturing Services)

2. Introducing stakeholders to KREATIZE’s great team of world-class mechanical engineers, data -and software experts 

3. Providing a resource and content hub for all topics surrounding the hardware product life cycle and Cloud Manufacturing

In the future, KREATIZE will further extend its efforts to provide maximum information transparency and ease of use by adapting its content to further formats including audio and video. 

The new website underlines KREATIZE’s steady and successful company growth and dedication to being a thought leader and first-mover in the world of Cloud Manufacturing, which will dominate the future of the industry.  

For more information on KREATIZE please refer to our company section or contact us at


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