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Why We Took Over Fabrikado

To build the largest custom part manufacturing platform

KREATIZE takes over fabrikado – German procurement platform for machinery and equipment manufacturers further expands market leadership through consolidation.

You can find our press release and media kit HERE.

When we started KREATIZE in 2015 we did so with the mission of making the ordering of custom parts as simple as ordering pizza. Over the past 4 years we have grown together with our mission, to become the leading one-stop-shop for custom part manufacturing in the machinery & equipment sector. 

Along this journey, we have procured millions of euros worth of custom parts and  built a large supplier network which is as diverse and versatile as our Team ー a team which strives every day to build long-lasting customer relationships together with mechanical and software engineers who continuously deploy cutting edge proprietary technology for the automation of part procurement.

Our biggest pride at KREATIZE is working with hidden champions and family owned companies who constitute the backbone of the European economy and are global leaders in technology and innovation in their fields. We believe that enabling customisation through manufacturing agility combined with these companies, technological leadership is the key to secure their pole position for centuries to come. We care to continue and export the tradition of excellence and stability of the European manufacturing industry. The same tradition which is reflected by companies like TSF, which Simon’s grandfather started 50 years ago.

In these times of market uncertainty and digital transformation, we at KREATIZE have long been thinking of how to ensure that the future of this sector would stay true to the values of Europe’s hidden champions. Following the entry of an American competitor in Europe, we decided it was time to further strengthen our market position by rapidly expanding our product offering and the reach of our network. There is no question in our minds that the leading platform for custom part manufacturing will be European. Because we will make sure of this. 

European innovation is, against common understanding, not only driven by its world known OEMs but by the smaller engineering champions in areas like robotics and automation, 3D printing, electro and micro mobility or medical technology to name a few. Allowing these companies to increase the agility of their production with efficient procurement and competitive pricing, while guaranteeing the highest quality standards means growing the biggest asset for Europe’s economy and prosperity.

Late last year we explored the opportunity to take over fabrikado, a company with similar roots to ours, started in Balingen, a town a mere 50 km away from Tübingen, by Thomas Hoffmeister, Patrick Genkinger und Marc Eberhart. KREATIZE and fabrikado were more complimentary than competitive:  while KREATIZE had focused on CNC-machining on a fully automated manufacturing cloud, fabrikado had already built an online shop with instant quoting capacities for laser cutting and 3D printing. Joining forces with fabrikado also means extending our proximity to our customers to extend the expertise of our team with strong talent from the heart of German manufacturing.  

Together with fabrikado we strengthen our roots in the manufacturing heart of Europe and are able to extend our services to our network of engineers, buyers and partners. Together we will continue to build long term customer relationships with a stronger company and with a stronger team. Through cutting edge technology and the tradition and excellence of the European hidden champions, we will continue to provide our customers an unmatched procurement experience, and so we will assure that the name of the leading platform for custom part manufacturing is KREATIZE.

You can find our press release and media kit HERE.


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