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The Women of KREATIZE

Manufacturing and technology sectors have been historically seen as male dominated. We as an organization would like to see more gender diversity across industries, and would like to take the time to highlight the highly influential women of KREATIZE.

The 8th of March is International Women’s Day. In an effort to champion the women of KREATIZE during this important day, we would like to celebrate them by having them share their thoughts on the work they do.

We asked them: What does working at a cloud manufacturing startup mean for you?

Women In Manufacturing (Resources) 

In an effort to share more information on this important topic, we have compiled links to useful content, and events that are taking place this year.


Video: How to Recruit, Retain, and Grow Women in Manufacturing and Technology

Why Are Women More Likely to Quit Jobs in Manufacturing?


Women in Manufacturing event calendar by Women in Manufacturing
Women’s day manufacturing workshop by MassMep
Women in Industry conference by Women In Industry (offline)
Women in Manufacturing 2022 by Manufacturing Automation magazine
Women in Manufacturing webinar by EFFRA

Are you someone who is looking for a job at a company that values diversity, and gender equality? Take a look at our open roles and apply today.

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