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KREATIZE wins Challenge Award

We are super proud to announce that we have won the Deloitte challenge award in the category “Future of Manufacturing” for our development and innovation in Cloud Manufacturing! 

This fantastic news was announced on 11/18 during Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 Award ceremony. This annual event honors the fastest growing technology companies from various sectors.

We are convinced: we are just at the beginning of what will become a completely new category! 

We believe that Cloud manufacturing is to hardware companies what cloud computing is to software companies.

A great achievement and credit to all our KREATORS! 

We’re not done yet! Join us on our journey!

If you want to to be part in changing the future of manufacturing, why don’t you join us on our journey?

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KREATIZE.COM Gets a Redesign

New website is part of company strategy to create a more seamless experience for customers and other stakeholders.

KREATIZE recently went live with its new website for desktop and mobile users, marking an important milestone in the company’s mission to provide a manufacturing experience the world loves. 

During the various project phases, the company remained focused on its main goal: to enable a hassle-free manufacturing experience.

In KREATIZE’s belief, this could only be achieved through the application of Cloud Manufacturing principles, whose primary goal is to facilitate transparent, sustainable, and effective manufacturing.

In consequence, the newly re-launched website including its design and content was developed based on having a complete understanding of the customer and other stakeholder needs. The company then built applicable user flows for each of them, ensuring that users get what they come for promptly and without any distraction.

This resulted in the company website now offering extensive content on:

1. The functions and benefits of the full-service-platform KMS (KREATIZE Manufacturing Services)

2. Introducing stakeholders to KREATIZE’s great team of world-class mechanical engineers, data -and software experts 

3. Providing a resource and content hub for all topics surrounding the hardware product life cycle and Cloud Manufacturing

In the future, KREATIZE will further extend its efforts to provide maximum information transparency and ease of use by adapting its content to further formats including audio and video. 

The new website underlines KREATIZE’s steady and successful company growth and dedication to being a thought leader and first-mover in the world of Cloud Manufacturing, which will dominate the future of the industry.  

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Ex-Apple, Dell and Uber Supply-Chain Executive joins KREATIZE

Ex-Apple, Dell and Uber Supply-Chain Executive joins KREATIZE to build the best in class global manufacturing cloud.


With the mission to build the best global on-demand manufacturing cloud, Zod B. Mehr is starting as of November 01, 2020 as Chief Supply-Chain Officer at KREATIZE. After 10 years at Dell, 11 years at Apple and most recently at Uber, the company has high expectations of Zod, who is currently moving with his family from California to Berlin. 

To better introduce Zod to you, he answered a few questions about himself, his goals and his love for onion tart and vintage cars:

You have worked for Dell, Apple and Uber recently – really impressive stations – what is it that attracts you to KREATIZE now?

When I joined Apple in early 2008, it was just embarking on what would become a premier powerhouse in product lifecycle management.  We were breaking barriers in manufacturing capability, cost, quality and cycle-time of high-volume, complex mechanical parts. There was definitely a start-up energy across the cross-functional teams, from Industrial design to engineering to Mechanical operations.  As the saying goes, we all wore many different “hats”.

ZOD B. Mehr wants to build the top global manufacturing cloud

I feel that Kreatize also embodies an energy & innovative spirit that will revolutionize the process of ordering and fabricating mechanical parts through its proprietary software platform.  KREATIZE is, in a way, the natural progression of the manufacturing methodology that started at Apple not so long ago which was machining the entire laptop chassis from a billet of aluminum. 

What are your plans for the first few months at KREATIZE?

During my first few months, my focus will be to engage with the team (both Partner and Customer facing) and deep dive into the complexities of the platform and the fulfillment model.  My aim is to fully grasp and appreciate how Kreatize transforms orders to in-spec mechanical parts.  During this time period, I will get to better know and spend time with Kreatize team members as well! 

Next we can explore opportunities to standardize processes and put in place best practices I have picked up while managing complex mechanical (and electrical) supply chains.  Last but not least I plan on visiting our Partners and solicit their inputs on how to make the order process & fulfillment easier and more repeatable & predictable. 

What challenges do you think the manufacturing world will face in the next 5 years? 

The challenges to global manufacturing remain the same as before plus the addition of taking into account and reducing the carbon footprint of production.

  • Customer focus: at times this may include mentoring and coaching the customer to ensure first time satisfaction (rather than multiple manufacturing iterations)
  • Cost management
  • Quality
  • Planning & Risk Management to ensure Continuity of Supply and Time-to-Delivery
  • Supplier/Partner Relationship Management. Our Partners are one of our strongest assets.  We should listen, take notes and adjust processes to ensure quality and on-time delivery
  • Talent up and down the supply chain

And what exactly do we have to do to further strengthen mechanical engineering? 

I’m unable to say what the opportunities are for mechanical engineering before spending adequate time with my Kreatize colleagues first.  However from my personal experience as the head of Mac Enclosure Quality at Apple, I believe there may be opportunities to reduce scrap, improve first-pass yield, reduce turnaround time and build assembly-ready parts by standardizing the method of defining tolerances in CAD.  

By adopting a standard drawing protocol (Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, GD&T) between customers and suppliers, we can also ensure the parts can be assembled into the final product at high yields.  This was our experience, when between 2008 and 2010, Apple Mechanical Enclosures team (Design and Operations) fully adopted GD&T and began to see a dramatic increase in assembly first-pass yield.

You are currently living with your family in California – where we are thinking primarily of lots of sun, beach and sea – what are you looking forward to most in Germany? 

We’re looking forward to exploring the culture, the music, the outdoors and the diversity of people in Berlin and Germany and Europe in general.  I lived in Germany in the early 90s as a young engineer on loan from IBM-US and have fond memories of going to fun Wine festivals (I love a nice Zwiebelkuchen with a glass of chilled white wine!).  

We enjoy running and I look forward to exploring Berlin by foot. 

By the way, the beaches are pretty and plentiful in California, but also quite cold year around (~15’C)! 

And what will be the first thing you really want to show your children in Berlin?

After spending the past 7 months sheltering-in-place and “distant-learning” from home, my wife and I look forward to leave the kids with a babysitter and spend some quality time exploring Berlin by ourselves! 🙂 My wife Nora who lived in Berlin for a few years says she would love to revisit Clärchens Ballhaus and Kunstwerke. We are also looking forward to the diverse food options available in Berlin.  

Not to neglect the kids, I plan on taking them to Classic-Remise (which I visited last time I was in Berlin) and look at all the classic car and motorcycles.  Here’s a photo of me pretending to drive off with my new car (fall of 2018). The kids are actually most excited about exploring the subway system.

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Why We Took Over Fabrikado

To build the largest custom part manufacturing platform

KREATIZE takes over fabrikado – German procurement platform for machinery and equipment manufacturers further expands market leadership through consolidation.

You can find our press release and media kit HERE.

When we started KREATIZE in 2015 we did so with the mission of making the ordering of custom parts as simple as ordering pizza. Over the past 4 years we have grown together with our mission, to become the leading one-stop-shop for custom part manufacturing in the machinery & equipment sector. 

Along this journey, we have procured millions of euros worth of custom parts and  built a large supplier network which is as diverse and versatile as our Team ー a team which strives every day to build long-lasting customer relationships together with mechanical and software engineers who continuously deploy cutting edge proprietary technology for the automation of part procurement.

Our biggest pride at KREATIZE is working with hidden champions and family owned companies who constitute the backbone of the European economy and are global leaders in technology and innovation in their fields. We believe that enabling customisation through manufacturing agility combined with these companies, technological leadership is the key to secure their pole position for centuries to come. We care to continue and export the tradition of excellence and stability of the European manufacturing industry. The same tradition which is reflected by companies like TSF, which Simon’s grandfather started 50 years ago.

In these times of market uncertainty and digital transformation, we at KREATIZE have long been thinking of how to ensure that the future of this sector would stay true to the values of Europe’s hidden champions. Following the entry of an American competitor in Europe, we decided it was time to further strengthen our market position by rapidly expanding our product offering and the reach of our network. There is no question in our minds that the leading platform for custom part manufacturing will be European. Because we will make sure of this. 

European innovation is, against common understanding, not only driven by its world known OEMs but by the smaller engineering champions in areas like robotics and automation, 3D printing, electro and micro mobility or medical technology to name a few. Allowing these companies to increase the agility of their production with efficient procurement and competitive pricing, while guaranteeing the highest quality standards means growing the biggest asset for Europe’s economy and prosperity.

Late last year we explored the opportunity to take over fabrikado, a company with similar roots to ours, started in Balingen, a town a mere 50 km away from Tübingen, by Thomas Hoffmeister, Patrick Genkinger und Marc Eberhart. KREATIZE and fabrikado were more complimentary than competitive:  while KREATIZE had focused on CNC-machining on a fully automated manufacturing cloud, fabrikado had already built an online shop with instant quoting capacities for laser cutting and 3D printing. Joining forces with fabrikado also means extending our proximity to our customers to extend the expertise of our team with strong talent from the heart of German manufacturing.  

Together with fabrikado we strengthen our roots in the manufacturing heart of Europe and are able to extend our services to our network of engineers, buyers and partners. Together we will continue to build long term customer relationships with a stronger company and with a stronger team. Through cutting edge technology and the tradition and excellence of the European hidden champions, we will continue to provide our customers an unmatched procurement experience, and so we will assure that the name of the leading platform for custom part manufacturing is KREATIZE.

You can find our press release and media kit HERE.