At KREATIZE, we want to enable the Carl Benzes of tomorrow by helping them focus on what is necessary to drive progress: Innovation. We are an industry-leading company radically improving the customer experience of manufacturing.



Accelerate Innovation that Changes the World through Manufacturing the World Loves

At KREATIZE, we want to enable the Carl Benzes of tomorrow by helping them focus on what is necessary to drive progress: Innovation. We believe that we can best support this by building a Cloud Manufacturing infrastructure that helps companies to make better decisions and get parts faster as well as easier than ever before. This means: Manufacturing the World loves.
KREATIZE customers have the agility to design and bring products to market faster.



A Global Team of World-Class Engineers Getting Your Products to Market

KREATIZE employs world-class mechanical engineers, buyers and software engineering experts from all over the world. Our common passion is to realize the ideas of great innovators and build the best Cloud Manufacturing infrastructure. Find out more about who we are, what drives us and how you can join.



Simon Tuechelmann is a Co-Founder and Managing Director at KREATIZE. With a long-standing family history in the world of manufacturing, Simon is dedicated to helping game-changing creators from all around the globe through the building of the preeminent cloud manufacturing company.

Giovanni is the Chief Operations Officer of KREATIZE, and is tasked with making sure that all operations are running smoothly. Previous to joining KREATIZE, he worked several years for Rothschild & Co in the Mergers & Acquisition team supervising major M&A activities all over Europe. 

Daniel is Co-Founder and Managing Director at KREATIZE. He has long experience in the field of computer science and software development and is a seasoned entrepreneur. He co-founded KREATIZE together with Simon in 2015 to bring the benefits of cloud computing to manufacturing.

Zod is the Chief Supply Chain Officer of KREATIZE and is tasked with making sure that our customers obtain the high quality we promise with every order.  He brings along a deep understanding of supply chains from Apple, where he led the product quality function for iPhones, iPads and watches. 

Thomas is the Chief Commercial Officer of KREATIZE, where he brings extensive experience in building and running successful manufacturing companies.  Thomas is most passionate about evangelizing the concept of cloud manufacturing across the hardware business sector.  



KREATIZE Is Working Towards A Future With Carbon Neutral Supply Chains

In 2020, KREATIZE became Germany’s first Carbon-Neutral Manufacturing Service Provider

Together with our partner ConClimate, we at KREATIZE are actively combating the climate crisis by calculating the amount of CO2 for each of our manufactured parts and offsetting these emissions through compensation payments towards sustainable projects. However, we know that there is more to be done and are pushing for even more impactful measures along our company’s journey.

Member of Leaders for Climate Action

We have partnered up with Leaders for Climate Action to fight for better policies that protect our climate and take our share of responsibility in this cause.

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