At KREATIZE® we protect your data and personal information.



At KREATIZE® we protect your data and personal information.

KREATIZE Manufacturing Services (KMS) is a full-service plattform granting hardware companies instant and full access to a variety of machinery without the hassle of owning them.
Our services are enabled by a team of experienced, world-class engineers, who apply top-notch software solutions and Cloud Manufacturing technology to connect business customers with a vetted partner network. Through the KMS plattform, you fully own all manufacturing by being able to a

In this information sheet, we would like to share everything we do in order to keep your data safe and protected. If you have any questions or concerns, please mail us at or call +49 (0) 7071/14310 70.

State-of-the-art encryption technology for highest data security

We protect your data effectively by using the latest encryption technology (SSL) and guarantee high-security standards by keeping our servers and your data in Germany (Frankfurt am Main). Consequently, your information is covered under the GDPR.

Your data is stored in Frankfurt, Germany in compliance with international norms

Our servers are certified in accordance with the most current data protection and data security standards. We meet the following recognized standards:

  • IDW PS951
  • ISO 27001 certificate: 2005 (Information Security Management)

Our servers are located at the Telehouse Datacenter in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and are safeguarded by the highest security measures and precautions:

  • Video surveillance of the outside areas with complete traceability of the last three months
  • Fenced property following a strict identification system
  • 24/7 presence of security personnel on site – control system provides constant feedback to guards about irregularities
  • Strict personnel controls on site with restricted access areas

Please click here for more information about the Telehouse Datacenter.

Our non-disclosure and secrecy agreements are binding for all parties

Our legal agreements with customers, suppliers and employees require all parties to commit to your data security. All parties sign a non-disclosure agreement which is legally binding. At KREATIZE®  only our back-end engineering team can access your sensitive data, and does so only to create an anonymous Fingerprint of your CAD-files. Your sensitive data like price calculations, customers or owners are never accessible for users of our platform or our normal employees. KREATIZE® always keeps your information safe and will only use your data for production or technical analyses. We will never share any of your personal information with third parties and follow strict data protection and security protocols in our day-to-day operations.

Your team at KREATIZE

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