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Cloud Manufacturing: Its Technology and Impact On Hardware Businesses

Cloud Manufacturing - a revolutionary technology for hardware development.

This whitepaper is about cloud manufacturing, the technology that’s shaping the future of manufacturing, and boosting all other new technologies in the production space. In today’s rapidly changing landscape, product development must make use of new technologies to better address market demands.

Bringing Hardware Products to Market

Discover a practical framework for getting your products to market faster and at a lower cost.

Cloud manufacturing increases the speed of bringing hardware products to market by eliminating costly and time-consuming processes, allowing businesses to free up capital and talent resources to drive innovation and bring better products to market.

Developing a hardware product

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In the KREATIZE whitepaper, our experts talk about the development cycles of hardware products until they are brought to market. You will get deep insights on every phase of product development and will be guided through it with the example of the development of a new Smartwatch.



Get More Knowledge On The World of Manufacturing

Everything you ever wanted to know on industry hot topics such as Cloud Manufacturing, Digitization, Sustainability and other business insights.

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In the KREATORS TALK podcast, we discuss the future of product development and address all the passionate, out-of-the-box and innovative KREATORS out there that are making a difference. Listeners learn more about the manufacturing of tomorrow and how exciting it is to develop products that change the world.


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KREATIZE Launchpad: Empower Those Who Change The World!

Launchpad is KREATIZE’s networking-event focussed on bringing together hardware builders, engineers, investors and founders passionate to change the world through hardware innovation. Find out more on the current program and how to join.


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