Cloud Manufacturing

Its Technology and Impact on Hardware Businesses

Cloud Manufacturing - a revolutionary technology for hardware development. 

In today’s rapidly changing landscape, product development must make use of new technologies to better address market demands. However, in order to effectively adopt a new technology, it is necessary to fully understand it.

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A Revolutionary Technology

This whitepaper is about cloud manufacturing, the technology that’s shaping the future of manufacturing, and boosting all other new technologies in the production space. 

It is a comprehensive look at the academic research and the business implementation of this game-changing technology, which will become central to the coherent and flexible operations of future hardware companies.  It is also a look at the hurdles it faces as a new technology, and how its transformational solutions are fueling its bright future.

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  • What is cloud manufacturing, and how  it has gone from theory to practice 
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  •  The key benefits of cloud manufacturing 
  • The transformative nature of cloud manufacturing
  • The big influence that cloud manufacturing will have on the next generation hardware company



Big Shifts in Manufacturing

The 4th industrial revolution is well underway. With the gap between the digital, physical, and biological worlds shrinking, breakthrough technologies including AI/ML, robotics, computing, the Internet of Things (IoT) and 3D printing are evolving at an exponential pace to radically affect how we live and work.

Manufacturing performance capabilities and capacities are no exception. The velocity, scope and impact of this fourth revolution are distinct, and accelerating the innovation of entire production systems.

This paper focuses on Cloud Manufacturing, the technology that’s shaping the future of production and amplifying all other new technologies in the manufacturing space. It explains cloud manufacturing and how it will become central to hardware company operations. The paper also discusses the hurdles and hesitancy companies may experience in adopting the technology.



Why you should care about Cloud Manufacturing

Manufacturing, like many industries, is going through a series of global changes that are shifting the market in new and unexpected ways. Increased competition, emerging technologies, and a complex economic environment are increasing the pressure on manufacturers to consider more agile and flexible approaches. Businesses are facing new challenges in bringing hardware products to market and meeting highly variable customer demands for next-generation product experiences.

Legacy systems are not designed to integrate or scale as businesses and operations evolve. Manufacturers now require a more agile way of working to fuel innovation and remain competitive—and the cloud is in a prime position to deliver it.


Insights from Leading Experts

“Hardware companies will increasingly place more orders on cloud manufacturing platforms.They will use more of its services and applications to cover all activities involved in manufacturing, beginning with the design and optimisation of their products.” 

Dr. Lin Zhang, Director of the Cloud Manufacturing Research Center at Beihang University

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“Cloud manufacturing has been extended by these data driven technologies. And today, it is not only about resources, but also about services and processes, and creating new services.”

Daniel Stock, Group Leader IT Architectures for Digital Production at Fraunhofer IPA

“It treats manufacturing resources and capabilities like cloud computing resources to create a service-oriented manufacturing scenario with all the resources and capabilities provisioned in the cloud—be it design, analysis, manufacturing, or testing. 

Dr. Xun Xu - Director of the Laboratory for Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing Systems (LISMS) at the University of Auckland