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Cut your Procurement Cost

Our Approach

At KREATIZE we are achieving major cost savings for our clients by using our plug-and-play Cloud Manufacturing technology. By doing so these companies are also removing all the heavy lifting of the procurement process without having to make any additional investments.

To learn more about the framework we created a crisp playbook: “Cloud Manufacturing: A Simple Strategy For Reducing Procurement Costs”


A Revolutionary Technology

What you will learn in the playbook:

  • Why Cloud Manufacturing Is a driver for procurement 
  • How KREATIZE achieves the cost savings
  • How easy it is to incorporate cloud manufacturing into your procurement processes and decrease your cost

This is an easy way of giving your business a stronger bottom line through savings in custom part procurement, and a chance at attaining other benefits as well. 



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Big Shifts in Manufacturing

The 4th industrial revolution is well underway. With the gap between the digital, physical, and biological worlds shrinking, breakthrough technologies including AI/ML, robotics, computing, the Internet of Things (IoT) and 3D printing are evolving at an exponential pace to radically affect how we live and work.

Manufacturing performance capabilities and capacities are no exception. The velocity, scope and impact of this fourth revolution are distinct, and accelerating the innovation of entire production systems.

This paper focuses on Cloud Manufacturing, the technology that’s shaping the future of production and amplifying all other new technologies in the manufacturing space. It explains cloud manufacturing and how it will become central to hardware company operations. The paper also discusses the hurdles and hesitancy companies may experience in adopting the technology.