Sustainability at KREATIZE

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Two strategies one goal

At KREATIZE, sustainability is a central part of the company's strategy. Manufacturing must respect the environment and uphold human rights. For this reason, we have developed a sustainability strategy based on the ESG framework, because sustainability management is not only about environmental protection, social commitment or respect for human rights, but also about having the right governance mechanisms in place to coordinate actions accordingly. Committing to and enforcing an ESG strategy is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time and discipline to develop something that spans business activities across the entire value chain. Rome was not built in a day and our ESG-compliant supply chain won’t be either. For us, sustainability is not perfection, but rather a process of working effectively and collaboratively toward ambitious goals. Our understanding of ESG today rests on two fundamental pillars: the Environmental Pillar and the Supply Chain Governance Pillar.

Our Sustainability Vision

"The future of manufacturing is ethical, social and sustainable. That's why we at KREATIZE are deeply committed to our sustainability vision. Nevertheless, we still stand at the very beginning of a long journey towards a truly carbon neutral and transparent supply chain that respects and protects human rights."

- Simon Tüchelmann & Daniel A. Garcia Rodriguez


KREATIZE sustainability strategy

In order to establish transparency, we want to showcase the efforts KREATIZE is taking to become an ethical and ESG provider of manufacturing services. That is why we want to highlight our strategy and roadmap for creating a climate-neutral and human rights-compliant supply chain. 

We have slightly revised the ESG framework to make it suitable for our current situation and the stage of the company. Only by carefully prioritizing certain aspects of the ESG verticals can we ensure the execution of our strategy. Our understanding of ESG today rests on two fundamental pillars: the Environmental Pillar and the Supply Chain Governance Pillar. The Social pillar will be our next area of focus.

KREATIZE's long-term orientation towards sustainability

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Environmental Pillar

We are tackling this pillar with a three step strategy: first to measure, second offset and finally reduce our Carbon footprint.

KREATIZE partnered with the climate consultancy ConClimate to properly tally the emissions from each individual process.

After our analysis and data gathering stage, we offset all the emitted CO2 emissions, thereby becoming a CO2 neutral cloud manufacturing platform.

Bottom line: We will measure and offset CO2 in Q1 & Q2 2022, and then work towards implementing reduction programs in Q3 2022

Governance Pillar

First, we must communicate to stakeholders why we care about sustainability and human rights and make our commitments public. This is achieved by creating a policy statement that is enforced by the company's management. 

In a second step, we will establish a Code of Conduct for Suppliers that extends our sustainability principles to our suppliers.

To formulate this, we obtain professional assistance from the helpdesk of Business & Human Rights – an initiative of the German Agency for Economic Development. 

Once we have laid the foundation for a sustainable relationship with our suppliers, we will schedule ESG feedback sessions with each to gain a better understanding of their standards.

Social Pillar

Will become a focus of our sustainability efforts from 2023 onwards. 


Why now and why you should care

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There is no Planet B, and making the right human choices now is how we can help ensure a prosperous future for humanity. That is why ESG should be a core strategy of any business, and at KREATIZE we are doing what we can to achieve this. Throughout the year, we will provide updates on our progress, celebrate some of the major milestones and share any of the challenges we face along the way.

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