Introducing our in-depth guide to the phase-gate process

Introducing our in-depth guide to the phase-gate process

Today we’re releasing our latest white paper on new product development: “Developing a hardware product: the phase-gate approach”. In this paper, we outline our comprehensive approach to a complete, structured, and transparent product development process.

KREATIZE Whitepaper | Developing a hardware product

KREATIZE Whitepaper | Developing a hardware product

Why carefully planned product development is so important

Many innovative companies struggle with product development: it’s not well thought out, takes too long, is too expensive, or fails to meet market demands. At KREATIZE, we too meet strong innovators who have a clear product vision but struggle to move from their initial vision to the final product. While these companies are in no way lacking in compelling product concepts, they don’t always have the experience of introducing new hardware products to market. Whether it’s a lack of experience or lack of resources, the most innovative idea is useless if the product fails to progress to development and enter the market. The good news is, there is a simple approach to product development that can help innovators make products a reality. Together with our CSO, Zod B. Mehr, we have outlined an approach that can help any hardware product development succeed.

Our core beliefs about product development

The phase-gate approach we present in our whitepaper is simple, flexible, transparent, and sustainable—and importantly, at the lowest cost. We believe these are key principles of ideal product development.

The phase-gate approach gives you the tools to evaluate and measure the potential of a new product during the development process. The phased review process divides a project into a series of specific phases that can be reviewed individually. The gate refers to the conscious decision to pause and evaluate the success of the project up to that point. These checkpoints give leadership the opportunity to decide whether to continue the program, redefine the scope, or abandon the project altogether. Different teams are responsible for particular phases, so risk is minimized. On the other hand, reliable teamwork remains essential to the success of a product. In the end, building a product is a team effort, not an individual effort.

Why the best innovators use the phase-gate approach

At KREATIZE we are continuously exchanging ideas with the most innovative KREATORS from all over Europe, together with our own experts, including Zod B. Mehr, who has worked in product development for Apple, Dell and Uber for many years. We continuously see successful companies use the phase-gate process to bring their products to life.

KREATIZE supports product developers in bringing innovative products to the market faster, by flexibly adapting delivery capacities to their needs, easily scaling quantities, providing machine capacities without investments, checking drawings, and advising on the optimal procurement of components. In short: We are changing the status quo of mechanical engineering!

Learn more

Are you in the process of developing a hardware product? Or do you just want to learn more about the future of product development? Download our full guide to the phase-gate approach to learn more, or schedule an appointment with our Claud Manufacturing experts.

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