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Additive Manufacturing describes manufacturing processes all applying the same principle to produce objects: layer by layer. This method enables efficient on-demand production of components regardless of geometry, material and batch sizes. Complexity is added free of charge! 3D-printing is only one of many different additive manufacturing processes.

We are an online B2B platform to realize technical components as prototypes and small batch series quickly and easily. We use smart software to find the suitable manufacturing process and the ideal material for the client’s project to subsequently connect the client to the best suited manufacturing service provider via the global KREATIZE® Manufacturing Network.

We are the link between small and medium-sized businesses and the digital world. KREATIZE® also addresses manufacturing service providers in the areas of additive manufacturing/3D printing, CNC-machining and casting, who want to increase their production supply chain efficiency.

Trust and confidentiality are very important to us. That is why we develop our service with the security of your data in mind from the very beginning. We guarantee the security of your data by implementing the latest in encryption technologies. All our business partners are bound by a confidentiality agreement. With the upload of your request our confidentiality agreement takes effect automatically. That’s how we put your mind at ease to focus on the essential - the realization of innovative products.

We are a team of highly motivated #3D-printing-enthusiasts, #manufacturing-romanticists, #efficiency-lovers, #shared-economy-disciples, #working-to-capacity-workers, #digital-transformers, and so much more.

We enable companies to find a suitable production process, the ideal material, and the optimal manufacturing service provider for the realization of technical components as prototype or small batch series - all of this in just 4 easy steps. KREATIZE® offers a variety of different production processes such as Additive Manufacturing/3D-printing, CNC-machining and casting, more than 2,000 materials as well as multiple specialised manufacturing service providers. Manufacturing partners will generate more orders with KREATIZE®, tap into new customer groups and markets, and increase their production efficiency. To this end they have a variety of different tools for a more efficient and transparent online management at their disposal.

Frequently Asked Questions

The first step is to upload a 3D-CAD-model or a drawing of your components. Then the production process and material best suited to the requirements of your project will be attributed. Afterwards you will receive a selection of recommended manufacturing service providers to choose from. Subsequently you will receive the manufacturing service provider’s quotation and order your components. The provider manufactures your components and delivers them directly to you once the quality checks are completed.

Clients don’t have to pay anything at KREATIZE®. Manufacturing partners can choose from several memberships, some of which are free of charge and some of which come with costs. For more information please contact our support at info@kreatize.com.

Your 3D-CAD files have to be in STL or STEP format so we can import them into our system.

On our online B2B-platform you can find small and medium-sized specialised manufacturing service providers from additive manufacturing/3D-printing, CNC-machining and casting sectors.

With KREATIZE’s online B2B-platform you can easily choose the ideal manufacturing service provider. After uploading 3D-CAD-models or drawings of your components and choosing manufacturing process and material, you will receive a custom tailored selection of specialized manufacturing service providers suitable for your project. You can compare these according to price, delivery date or customer ratings and choose accordingly. If you need help with your choice or have further questions you can contact our support at info@kreatize.com.

Sam is our personal purchasing assistant who helps realize projects quickly and easily. Just send your request to sam@kreatize.com and you will receive non-binding quotations within 48 hours completely free of charge. Have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Manufacturing service providers can create a profile easily and quickly, benefit from innovative marketing tools and tap into new customer groups and markets with KREATIZE’s global online B2B-platform. Additionally KREATIZE® offers tools (such as the Order Processing Tool, Project Management Tool, Reporting, ERP and CRM) for an efficient online management. If you are interested in a free account just contact us at info@kreatize.com.

KREATIZE® concentrates exclusively on the B2B-market. We are especially focused on small and medium-sized companies from automotive, aerospace, medical technology, lifestyle, manufacturing systems engineering and plant engineering and construction branches.

Premium: Benefit from all KREATIZE® Tools! For more information please contact us at info@kreatize.com. Marketing: Benefit from an individual profile, online instant quotations, CRM, ERP as well as many more useful tools. For more information please contact us at info@kreatize.com.

Please contact us at info@kreatize.com to request precise service fees.

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KREATIZE® offers common payment options such as credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, invoice, payment on delivery and direct banking.

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