Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

With our Digital Production solution, you can manufacture your custom parts without having to go through the tedious process of RFQs and supplier onboarding. As a result, you order your prototypes and other technical products faster and more cost-effectively! We offer additive manufacturing (e.g. SLM, SLS, FDM & MJM), as well as, traditional methods (e.g CNC-Milling, CNC-Turning, CNC-Waterjet Cutting & CNC Lasercutting). We only work with qualified suppliers from our network of certified European manufacturers and are able to realize your projects with the highest quality available. All of our manufacturers are experts in their fields and meet high-standards with respect to quality management and product safety.

As a customer, you simply upload your part or prototype (e.g. CAD-file) to our Onlineshop or email us at anfrage@kreatize.com. After submitting your file, you can relax and receive a ready-to-order offer in a short time. Only when you accept the offer, we forward your CAD file to our manufacturer who will then produce your custom part. As a result, you do not make your business reliable on suppliers but purchase custom parts with full flexibility and the shortest delivery times.

Straight out, time and cost savings are the biggest arguments for our KREATIZE Digital Production. All you need to do in order to benefit from our fully digital, fast and secure ordering process is uploading a CAD model of your custom parts. From there we take over and match you with the right supplier from our manufacturing network. You can also stop worrying about endless RFQ processes and negotiations. Our software calculates a fair price for you and the supplier, based on an automated price mechanism. As we only utilize idle capacities at our suppliers, our prices are even cheaper than regular market prices. In the end, both supplier and you benefit from the flexibility in our system and from using efficient processes, wasting no more time on unproductive tasks. For further information contact us via email sw@kreatize.com or directly via phone +49 (0) 7071 14310 70. We are happy to answer all of your questions.

For legal reasons, we can only work with corporate clients.

KREATIZE supports a wide range of additive and subtractive manufacturing processes and relies on a network of qualified suppliers. This is why we can realize your projects with the best available technologies and the highest quality available on the market. We offer the following additive manufacturing methods and materials:

Selective Laser Melting (SLM):

– Stainless steel (1.4404)

– Aluminium (AlSi10Mg)

– Titanium (CL 40 Ti)

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS):

– Alumide (PA 12, PA 2200 & PA 3200 GF)

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM):

– Onyx & Plastics (PA6)

Multi Jet Modeling (MJM):

– Acrylic transparent (AR-M2) & silicon white (AR-G1L & AR-G1H)

And the following traditional methods:

CNC Milling:

– Stainless steel (1.4057, 1.4301 & 1.4305)

– Aluminium (AlMG4, 5Mn & AlMgSi1)

– Steel (S235 & 1.0737)

– Tool steel (1.2767 & 1.2842)

– Plastic (PA 6 & PVC)

CNC Turning:

– Stainless steel (1.4057, 1.4301 & 1.4305)

– Aluminium (AlMG4, 5Mn & AlMgSi1)

– Steel (S235 & 1.0737)

– Tool steel (1.2767 & 1.2842)

– Plastic (PA 6 & PVC)

CNC Waterjet Cutting:

– Aluminium (Al Mg3, AlMg4.5Mn & AlMgSi1)

– Steel (ST 37 & S235JR)

– Stainless steel (1.4057 & 1.4301)

– Titanium (Ti2 & TiAl6V4)

– Plastics (PVC, PTFE, PA 66, PE & POM)

CNC Laser Cutting:

– Aluminium (AlMg3)

– Stainless steel (1.4301 & 1.4571)

– Steel (DC01, S235 & S355)

Comparison Table

ProcessCNC-MillingCNC-TurningLasercuttingWaterjet-CuttingSelective Laser MeltingSelective Laser SinteringFused Deposition ModelingMulti-Jet Modeling
Min. Part Size20 x 20 x 5 mmØ20 x 20 mm5 x 5 mm5 x 5 mm5 x 5 x 5 mm5 x 5 x 5 mm5 x 5 x 5 mm5 x 5 x 5 mm
Max. Part Size800 x 500 x 500 mmØ200 x 200 mm2000 mm x 1500 mm2000 mm x 1500 mm400 x 350 x 350 mm450 x 400 x 400 mm550 x 400 x 350 mm300 x 200 x 200 mm
Lot Size1 – 50 Pieces1 – 50 Pieces1 – 50 Pieces1 – 50 Pieces1 – 10 Pieces1 – 10 Pieces1 – 10 Pieces1 – 10 Pieces
Delivery10 – 15 Working Days10 – 15 Working Days3 – 7 Working Days3 – 7 Working Days3 – 7 Working Days3 – 7 Working Days3 – 7 Working Days3 – 7 Working Days

We handpick our manufacturers based on a set of quality and reliability criterias. We currently focus on automotive and machine engineering suppliers but also work with aerospace and healthcare companies. Every supplier meets our high requirements for product quality and safety. Our team in quality control and supplier management keeps evaluating all suppliers and works on the continuous improvement of their processes.  For ethical reasons, we chose not to work with companies from the arms and defense industry.

The majority of our suppliers are small- and medium-sized German companies from the automotive and machine engineering sector. We rely on a broad network across Germany that allows us to produce your custom parts at a competitive price while ensuring the highest quality.

At KREATIZE®, we put the integrity of your data first. We protect your information by using the latest encryption technology (SSL) and we ensure high-security standards by keeping our servers and your data in Germany (Frankfurt am Main). All our servers are located on German soil, meet international standards according to IDW PS951 and are certified according to ISO 27001: 2005.

Consequently, your information is covered under the German Federal Data Protection Act. Our legal agreements with customers, suppliers and employees require all parties to commit to your data security. All parties sign a non-disclosure agreement which is legally binding. This ensures the security of your Intellectual Property. At KREATIZE®, our back-end engineering team only accesses your sensitive data, and does so only to create an anonymous Fingerprint of your CAD-files.

KREATIZE® always keeps your information safe and will only use your data for production or technical analyses. We never share any of your personal information with third parties and follow strict data protection and security protocols in our day-to-day operations.

Purchasers of custom parts

With the KREATIZE Digital Production, you have the possibility to realize components, such as prototypes and small series, faster. In search of an answer, you can dramatically shorten your time taken for development and for entering the market. We recommend you the most suitable processes to manufacture your custom part, so that your project always runs with the best processes. This saves valuable resources in time, resulting in even shorter product cycles.

You only pay for what you order. Always. There are no hidden cost, fees or other charges. Being part of our network is 100% free for you.

CNC Milling and CNC Turning parts:

  • Fully dimensioned technical drawings of individual parts in PDF format. (mandatory)
  • STEP / STL files if available (recommended)
  • Material information

Laser cutting parts:

  • DXF / STL / STP / STEP files of each individual part (mandatory)
  • Technical drawings in PDF format if available
  • Material information

3D printing parts:

  • STEP files of each individual part (mandatory)
  • Material information

We also need your desired delivery date, delivery address and contact details to start the process.

Delivery times, of course, depend on the complexity of your product, the production methods and the quantities you order. However, please find an indication of our usual delivery times for different production methods below:

Additive manufacturing


Delivery speed: 3-7 days from order

CNC methods

CNC-Milling & CNC-Turning

Delivery speed: 10-15 working days after order

CNC-Lasercutting & CNC-Waterjet Cutting

Delivery speed: 3-7 working days after order

In general, KREATIZE needs all project related information: project name, date of delivery, contact and address information of your company and the CAD files. If you are requesting CNC-machining part we additionally need the PDF with all the relevant information (tolerances, dimensions etc.) There are two easy ways to upload custom parts to the Digital Production:

1. Upload your CAD file directly to our Onlineshop

2. Your request via E-Mail 

Send us your project information at anfrage@kreatize.com and we will get back to you with an offer. Don’t forget to add all project related information: project name, date of delivery, contact and address information of your company and the CAD files.

We use a specific price calculation that we developed together with industry experts, customers and suppliers. Our software analyzes CAD files and compares the results to our extensive database of manufacturing data. We then take the current market prices for material and shipping to develop a fair offer for you and our manufacturers. As we capitalize on idle capacity, we can guarantee that you never overpay your custom parts!

We offer a wide range of manufacturing methods based on a variety of available materials. In order to be able to give you a quote in a short time, we, however, require that your parts meet our minimum product tolerances and are available in our specified materials.

No, we work closely together with qualified manufacturers across Germany in order to ensure the best quality and the highest reliability for you. However, we do not own production equipment ourselves. Every supplier in our network has been audited and certified by us which is why we trust them. For you, this means that you can rely on many excellent manufacturing companies, all at the same time without undergoing a tedious selection and onboarding process with them. This provides you with an easy and quick access to various production methods and materials.

In order to make everything as easy and convenient as possible for you, KREATIZE is your only contact during the entire process. We guarantee that your custom parts meet all of your requirements and take care of the logistics. This means that you do not need to deal with suppliers or quality issues as we work hard to reduce the workload for you to a minimum.

You pay for your custom parts via KREATIZE. As soon as you have received your products and are satisfied with the quality, KREATIZE will send you an invoice. The suppliers are paid by KREATIZE. You do not have to worry about anything else.

Our Digital Production includes a big number of manufacturing partners, supporting a wide range of materials. From classic milling to metal 3D-printing. And even if you do not find the right technology in our portfolio, we are working hard every day to expand our network and constantly add more options for you. Please check out our process-specific information on the process page.

Partner Network

In our digital network, you can choose to accept customer orders as you go. You freely decide to take or leave an order, e.g. based on your idle capacities. This means, we bring the customers that are ready to buy to you. As such, you can increase your sales revenues without being distracted by RFQs and non-binding offers while focusing on what you do best: manufacturing great custom parts.

We are looking for manufacturers who want to utilize their production assets better in an easy and flexible way and are curious about new digital sales channels. We offer a completely risk-free and quick access to our Digital Production network. Usually, we are very interesting for small and medium-sized companies which have significant workload in their order management teams. Our Digital Production currently offers additive manufacturing (e.g SLM, SLS, FDM & MJM) and traditional methods (e.g CNC-Milling, CNC-Turning, CNC-Waterjet Cutting & CNC-Lasercutting).

Here you find more information: https://kreatize.com/partnernetwork/ 

The first step is very simple. You can register online with a few clicks. Shortly after, one of our team members will contact you for a first meeting. Before we can onboard you, we will evaluate if KREATIZE is the right fit for you by looking at the benefits for you and our network. We truly believe that this is the most important step, as we can only deliver our promise to our customers if both sides are happy with the cooperation.

Here you find more information: https://kreatize.com/partnernetwork/ 

Our focus is on supplying buyers with high quality products from qualified manufacturers which we ensure by our onboarding process for manufacturers. We do not have specific requirements regarding particular industry certificates. However, we offer to buyers from several industries which often require additional certificates. So it seems likely that the more certificates you bring to the network, the more business you will be able to make through our network.

If we match you with a customer request, it is up to you to accept or decline the offer. Typically, you will have one day to decide if you want the additional business or not. As a result, you can ‘breathe’ with our network and benefit from a flexible sales channel that allows you to steer your idle capacity. However, you cannot accept an offer and then delay the shipment. We always require you to only accept offers which you can fulfill immediately.