The New Way of Ordering Custom Parts

Published by Matthieu Ah-Koon on the 6th of February, 2018

Introducing KREATIZE’s new and updated solution to request-for-quotes:

We are happy to introduce our new solution for procuring custom parts more efficiently!! The new workflow for requesting quotes is not only faster than the previous version, but is also equipped with new technological features. It was built with a lot of love and care. Our team at KREATIZE is excited to see that early users are already expressing great appreciation for the new solution!!! Thank you for your feedback, the input helps us learn and improve.

At KREATIZE, we strive to make the ordering process as easy and quick as possible. Whether, it is a part made with Additive Manufacturing, CNC Machining or Casting, we will concretize your project endeavours. Once you submit a project with us, you will receive a price quote. We put a lot of emphasis on speed, since our solution caters for Rapid Prototyping and Small Series Production. Below you can see the new workflow, which consists of three stages: Upload Parts, Material Data & Contact Data. For further information regarding which steps to take, please refer to the guide below the infograph.

Section 1: Upload parts through 3D CAD files.

1. To start a project, first navigate to kreatize.com  and click on the  button, which you will see on the KREATIZE homepage. If you know which manufacturing process to choose for your project, you can find the  button on each page related to manufacturing process. On completion, you will be redirected  to the  section for ordering technical parts located at kreatize.com/checkout Alternatively, you can copy, paste and bookmark kreatize.com/checkout into your browser’s address bar to directly start a new  project. Once you submit a project with us, you will receive a price quote. The big advantage for new users is, that you do not require a log-in account to submit a request. The big advantage for new users is, that you do not require a log-in account to submit a request. Therefore, it is easy and time-saving to create your first project.

Screenshot of KREATIZE’s homepage illustrating the location of the button

2. In this section, you will enter information such as the project name, delivery date, material types (e.g Metal, plastic or both), manufacturing process (CNC, 3D printing or casting) and delivery option (Fast or cheap).

Screenshot of input fields in Bauteile hochladen section

3. When you accept our offer and price, specifying the fast method indicates that you wish to receive your ordered part(s) within a week.

4. You will then upload your 2D (DXF) and/or your 3D (STEP & STL) CAD files.

5. If you wish to receive a price quote, you must upload your Technical Drawing Files in the next section. Therefore, if you are aiming for speed, you will upload your CAD files such as STEP and STL in section 1 and then add your Technical Drawing Files (PDF, DXF and DWG) in Section 2.

6.  In section 2, you will be given the opportunity to upload Technical Drawing Files and associate them to a respective part and CAD file.

7. Please wait for your part to be uploaded completely before you proceed to the next section.

8. Click the  button upon completion of the above steps to move on to next section.

Screenshot of upload file and confirm file buttons (Notice: Upload status indication)

Section 2: Material data selection

1. In this section, you will have an overview of each CAD drawing that you uploaded. If someone uploads a wrong file, the error can be caught from the visualization window.

Screenshot of input fields in Upload parts section

2. You will select the raw material associated with each part.

3. You can search for a material by its name (e.g Tool steel) or by its identification code (e.g 1.4301).

4. You will also specify the units of measurement used for each part and the amount you would like to order for each part.

  1. Screenshot of input fields in Material data selection section

5. Our extensive list of materials includes aluminum, stainless steel, steel, PA, glass fiber reinforced, plastics, titanium and nickel. Based on your material choice and the operations required to manufacture your part, an appropriate manufacturing process will be allocated. For more information about compatible materials and processes, please visit our processes page.

6. Additionally, you can attach further information such as Technical Drawing Files (PDF, DXF & DWG) and link them to a respective CAD file.

Screenshot illustrating how to upload additional accompanying files (PDF, DXF & DWG)

7. Finally, you can enter other information such as article number, comments etc…

8. Click  the button to proceed to the next and last section.

Section 3: Contact data 

1. In this section, you will insert and store information about your account. This includes your name, organization’s name, E-Mail, telephone and address. Such information helps us to contact you regarding your request or order. If ever you would like to create more than one project at different points in time, this section will help us to save your profile.

Screenshot of input fields in Contact data section

2. You can also write and edit your message to the KREATIZE team. It is a space dedicated to any further valid comments about the project (e.g specifying a particular post-processing – galvanized surface finishing)  

3. Finally, click the button  to finalize your project and to send it to KREATIZE.

Screenshot of successful message notification upon completion

Section 4: Project successfully submitted

Now, KREATIZE has received your project and part(s). If all the necessary data was included in the project, our team can immediately start working on your drawings files. In the case of missing files, KREATIZE sends you an email to request for further particular data files. To avoid delays, ensure that you first submit CAD files in the Upload Parts section and attach Technical Drawing files in the Material Data section.

Our experts work rigorously to provide you with the best price offer, as well as, recommendations according to our technical analysis. Based on the processes required to manufacture your component and the machine capacity of our supplier’s network, we then allocate your project to a top manufacturer. Ultimately, your appointed manufacturer will rapidly produce and deliver a high quality custom artefact.

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As you probably noticed by now, the new flow to submit a project with us is absolutely easy, short and sweet. The steps-to-take have been summarized into the bullet points below. We encourage you to give the new workflow a try and cannot wait to work on your projects!! We welcome any feedback and input from you.

  • Click the Request production button to begin project.
  • Upload CAD File data (STL & STEP).
  • Enter material & amount.
  • Upload technical drawings (PDF, DXF & DWF).
  • Enter contact details.
  • Click the Create a project button to submit project and relax.

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