KREATIZE Manufacturing Services (KMS) is a ­full-service platform for your custom parts. Our platform is built on the principles of Cloud Manufacturing to provide you with easy access to our global network of ­manufacturing ­capacities. This saves you valuable time and overhead costs during the entire hardware product life cycle.



1. Configure Parts

Configuring Parts

Customers upload all relevant documents, define each product requirement and the number of parts that need to be manufactured.


2. Analyze Parts

Analyze Parts

With our open-book calculation, you have full transparency over the manufacturing times and costs and also see how each part is manufactured.

3. Manufacture


All parts are then available for one-click manufacturing. The KREATIZE engine automatically assigns them to one of our digitally integrated partners. You can now access them whenever you need them. This makes frequent and recurring manufacturing orders easy.

4. Track


KMS enables you to follow your manufacturing order through the entire hardware product life cycle and provides you all information to accurately coordinate your projects.

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KMS is fully Transparent and Secure

1. All-in-one plattform

All-in-one platform

All processes conducted in KMS are centralized. This means that from your registration onward, you can easily control the entire manufacturing process for all your orders within the software. If you have questions or need support on a specific order, our team is always there to support you instantly.  

2. Open-book-calculation


Information on production and lead time, manufacturability of the components as well as pricing. In KMS, the cost of every part is stated in detail for every order. You will have a clear understanding of the setup times and costs, process times and costs, material cost, and lead time for every order. What you see in the estimate is what you pay. There are no hidden costs or fees. This is possible through our KMS system, which extracts as much data as possible before being reviewed by our skilled mechanical engineers, who do the rest.

3. Full data security

Full data security:

At KREATIZE, we take security very seriously. We know how much intellectual property lies within each technical drawing and CAD file. KMS was developed with security in mind from the beginning, and all accounts are secured by two-factor authentication. Every file is securely stored and backed up on servers in Germany.

Your data can be made accessible to your team members to enable collaboration safely within KMS. You can also securely share files externally via a password-protected link.

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KMS is Empowered by Great Technology

A manufacturing graph using machines, custom parts, and customer applications as nodes replaces traditional supplier auditing, quality assurance and timely deliveries. Nodes in the graph are created through a proprietary manufacturing analysis software that transforms your custom parts into our standardised  format called Sagasu. Sagasu includes accurate estimates and a break down of the process times needed to produce your custom parts. These two technological advancements, driven by KREATIZE, lead us to shift the custom part manufacturing market from a currently RFQ-driven marketplace to usage-based pricing. For you, this means fair and transparent pricing without compromising in quality.



The Benefits of KREATIZE Cloud


Reduction of Total Cost of Procurement

With KREATIZE Manufacturing Services (KMS), you are able to reduce your Total Cost of Procurement by 17%. On our platform, we accelerate decentral collaboration, offer insightful expertise and help you to optimize your manufacturing processes.


Reduction of Product Development Expenses

With KREATIZE you cut your product development expenses by 31%. Agile development enables maximum use of valuable time by shortening development cycles and less headcount as well as better design to cost ensure a more seamless scaling from prototype to series production.




Introduction into
Cloud Manufacturing

Cloud Manufacturing:
A Brief Definition

Cloud manufacturing (or Manufacturing Cloud) transfers the principles of XaaS (Everything-as-a-Service) to a production environment. The aim of Cloud Manufacturing is to make production and procurement processes more flexible, accessible, and affordable by connecting all involved parties under one umbrella. On platform solutions such as KREATIZE, users gain instant access to manufacturing capacities on a job-specific basis completely tailored to their individual needs. This principle is referred to as the “Manufacturing Cloud” because it works similarly to Cloud Computing.
Users only have to upload their essential data once. After that, KREATIZE can find the right manufacturer for custom parts at any time by applying its cognitive algorithms on an individual project basis. We build these machine formulas from historical data to rank our partners for each part individually. This allows us to find the best partners for specific parts and processes from our vetted global network.

At KREATIZE, we firmly believe that by 2025, more than 80% of manufacturing companies will have moved towards a Manufacturing Cloud approach for obvious reasons: Whether you’re a traditional company or high-tech startup, Cloud Manufacturing offers many strategic advantages for organizations. From the start, a Cloud Manufacturing platform such as KREATIZE eliminates the costly and time-consuming processes of selecting the right manufacturing partners, obtaining attractive offers, quality-assuring new partners, and handling all production logistics. The time and resources saved fuel innovation and can alternatively be spent on developing product innovations that will make the world better.


Use Cases

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