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Our strategic Make-or-Buy-Decision

With KREATIZE OUTSOURCE we take over those parts of your production, whose external production is more efficient than the internal. We identify suitable parts groups, accompany you from the potential analysis, through the optimization of your data and drawings, to the selection of the appropriate manufacturers.

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“KREATIZE has revolutionized the procurement of special machining parts in a modern and pleasant way!”

Buyer of an international production company in the robotics sector with a turnover of 1.6 billion euros and over 9,000 employees.

Become more flexible with outsourcing

Alle Dateien an einem Ort Kreatize

Store and manage all your technical drawings and CAD files in one place and bring them up to the latest state of the art: We offer you the digitalization of all your component data and, if required, an initial sample inspection report for each part.

All Transparent

As always at KREATIZE, we also offer you full transparency at KREATIZE OUTSOURCE and enable you to have an overview of all your parts at any time.

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Optimized to your needs

Based on your purchasing and production goals, we will develop an individual and suitable outsourcing strategy for you.


and learn how we can support you in your Make-or-Buy-Decision!