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Secure storage to organize your custom parts.

All files in one place

Store and manage all your technical drawings and CAD files in one place. Upload your files in seconds and have a clear overview of your completed and active projects.

Detailed specifications for each part

By clicking on the drawing, a new page with all detailed specifications opens. Here you can see and edit unit length, surface, volume, material type, services, processes, etc. This feature allows you to always have your part specifications up to date and easy to manage.

Searchable and filterable web interface

Find your specific part available in the part storage by filtering and searching by various attributes, such as part name, article number, drawing number, processes, services. The search feature helps you find a particular part instantly.

Parts filtering

KREATIZE Parts as the first step towards agile procurement.

The highest security

Your data is safe with us. Our non-disclosure agreement applies automatically. With the latest encryption technologies, hosting in Germany and 2-factor authentication, we guarantee the highest data security in every step.

Collaboration with your team

Increase productivity of your team by using a shared access to the company’s custom parts procurement via KREATIZE Parts.

Parts sharing

In conjunction with KREATIZE

Send a request with one click – Send a request for a part or a part list directly from the platform and get it quoted without sending any email.

Tracking – Track every request and order of your projects. The tracking enables you to plan your procurement processes better and always be one step ahead.


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