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Digitize your procurement

KREATIZE PROCURE is suitable for all companies that want to fundamentally digitalize and optimize their purchasing. We analyse your Total Cost of Procurement and show you savings potentials along the supply chain.

  • Integration with SAP, Ariba, Jaegger
  • Save 17% of Total Cost of Procurement

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31 % 

less administrative work

17 % 

savings of Total Cost of Procurement

100 %

transparency in procurement

“KREATIZE has revolutionized the procurement of special machining parts in a modern and pleasant way!”

Buyer of an international production company in the robotics sector with a turnover of 1.6 billion euros and over 9,000 employees.

The procurement platform for the 21st century

Total Cost of Procurement Kreatize

Together with you, we set up your purchasing department digitally and leverage great potentials along your supply chain – from the reduction of administrative effort, to the optimization of part prices, to the improvement of delivery times.

Our focus at KREATIZE is on reducing your Total Cost of Procurement. If you want to take a next step, contact us!


and digitize your procurement!