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Bringing Hardware Products to Market Faster with Cloud Manufacturing

Discover a practical framework for getting your products to market faster and at a lower cost.

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The phase gate approach – the KREATIZE way

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In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, product development must often be planned and managed around fast changing technology and markets. To thrive in this kind of environment companies need to not only foster innovation, but also have tools to evaluate and measure the potential of new products during the development process.

In the KREATIZE whitepaper, our experts talk about the development cycles of hardware products until they are brought to market. You will have detailed insights on how industry-leading companies are developing their products and the key steps to make it a success! You will get deep insights on every phase of product development and will be guided through it with the example of the development of a new Smartwatch.

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About the author

Zod B. Mehr

With a mission to build the best global on-demand manufacturing cloud, Zod B. Mehr joined KREATIZE as chief supply chain officer on November 01, 2020. After 10 years at Dell, 11 years at Apple and most recently at Uber, Zod is passionate about all aspects of the supply chain. He and his team are working every day for smooth processes, excellent quality and the highest customer and supplier satisfaction.

In his whitepaper, we focussed on the six different phases of product development.

Phases of the product development cycle

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Martin Ohneberg, CEOHENN

“With KREATIZE we have achieved high cost savings through full transparency and automation. The competent team supports us at any time and together we always find saving potentials.”

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“We procure many of our custom parts via KREATIZE and are convinced about transparency of processing, delivery reliability and price competitiveness.”