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Published by Tamara Tüchelmann on the 23rd of November, 2017.

All our past and current interns have done a fantastic job during their time at KREATIZE and we would like to take a moment to highlight each one of them! It was not only a blast to have them in our team, but also to see how KREATIZE is growing with such wonderful fellows. Since KREATIZE was founded we had the possibility to host a good number of internships with amazing interns who contributed tremendously to our different teams: Sales, Customer Success, Business Development, Marketing, Product Development and Software Engineering. We asked some of our interns about their time at KREATIZE and here you can check out the answers — enjoy!

If you are also looking for a new challenge — transforming the manufacturing industry — let us know by sending us an email to jobs@kreatize.com. We know there more amazing interns out there! But now the stage belongs entirely to our interns!

Morgane Evin, Software Engineering 2017

Do you remember your first day at KREATIZE? How was it? My first day was not really a day, just the end of the day. I was invited to meet the team after work. Although I was really anxious, the team was really welcoming and nice. We built some desks and chairs for all the interns. I loved this activity because I was talking with everyone. It was very easy to come to work the day after…

How would you describe your experience working at KREATIZE? My experience at KREATIZE was awesome. I learned so many things at work, but also on a personal level. KREATIZE makes people more ambitious and curious, especially if people want to do the best at their work. Thanks to the wonderful team!

What was your best day at KREATIZE? The best day at KREATIZE was when I made the 3D printer work. I had some time in my work, so I decided to look at the new 3D printer. Almost everybody told me that it was a lost cause. Nonetheless, I tried a lot of times to figure out different settings and at last, I was able to print a whistle. I could not believe it ! The whole team was very happy, and we put a fun song — it was really rewarding!

What makes the team of KREATIZE special? It’s like a big family — we are not only working together. We also played Mario Kart, went to the bowling and had breakfast every monday morning while sharing moments from our week-ends.

Is there a fun fact you want to share? Please, if you hear “DUCK”, be careful ! There is a rubber duck trying to attack you! 😉

Maximilian Wühr, Business Development 2017

Do you remember your first day at KREATIZE? How was it?
My first day was a very good indicator of how the internship was going to turn out. I was a little bit nervous, but the team was tremendously welcoming. There was a breakfast gathering and I got the opportunity to introduce myself in a very relaxed atmosphere. Cliff, the Head of Business Development & Finance, spent the whole morning onboarding me. From the first day, I felt productive, as I started getting things done in the afternoon — it was a rewarding feeling.

How would you describe your experience working at KREATIZE? I loved working at KREATIZE — the people were amazing and a lot of fun to interact with. I was managed extremely well and professionally by my peers. I had the feeling of being able to make decisions in the projects I was involved in and when needing feedback, there was always someone with remarkable input. I wholeheartedly recommend to everyone to work at KREATIZE!

What was your best day at KREATIZE? The best evening for me definitely was when I won the poker night. In addition, pitching in front of investors and potential industry partners at CEBIT was a tough challenge, an unmatched privilege and a fun experience overall.

What makes the team of KREATIZE special? Ha, this one is simple: Fun, diversity, openness and I can’t stress it enough, but the fun is what makes the team of KREATIZE special to me. Additionally, KREATIZE offers a great atmosphere in which you can thrive and learn new things.

Is there a fun fact you want to share? Beware: There is this trick when someone from the tech team says that he or she only wants to go out for one drink. Then the evening is guaranteed to be awesome. And the next morning, there will be a breakfast gathering in the office.

Agathe Guillemot, Software Engineering 2017

Do you remember your first day at KREATIZE? How was it? I do not remember every detail of the first day, but I can say that it started with an introduction of the whole team around a breakfast with many croissants. I later on realized that croissants are in fact part of the morning routine at KREATIZE. After a sturdy breakfast, the other interns and I had a tour of the office. The rest of the day (and the day after!) was about setting the working environment and different user accounts (Slack, Google, Bitbucket…) that would be used throughout the internship. Oh! Now that I think of it, it is in the very first days that Matthieu, the Head of Engineering, who showed us the video “100 ways to open a beer bottle without an opener” (or something of a similar kind). Going through the first day was the very moment I convinced myself that I had found the right place..

How is your experience working at KREATIZE? Working at KREATIZE is an amazing experience. People are passionate, open-minded, and make sure you feel comfortable working with them five days a week! Overall I learned a lot about programming, entrepreneurship, project management and communication, while enjoying myself.

What was the best day at KREATIZE? The best two days were probably when we attended the company event outside of Berlin! We had the opportunity to discover more about the past/origins and future of KREATIZE, and we also enjoyed our share of barbecues and games — “the healer should reveal himself”, right?

What makes the team of KREATIZE special? KREATIZE’s team is special because it is united, dedicated, and extremely agreeable to work with. There are plenty of other things to enumerate, such as ping pong tournaments, Wii sessions after work, sushis, pizzas, and MEMES. Do do I need to say more?

Kevin Armbruster, Customer Success 2017

Do you remember your first day at KREATIZE? How was it? I came to the office and the first thing I had to do was build my own desk. Then I was introduced to what felt like a hundred new programs and tools to learn. But I felt very welcome and everyone was very open right from the start.

How would you describe your experience working at KREATIZE? I relish seeing how the things I helped to develop, become reality within weeks. The speed of implementation is just amazing.

What was your best day at KREATIZE? It really comes down to the whole experience. Every two days, I receive a new task to work on and I constantly feel that I am making progress, both towards my personal development and towards adding value to the company. I could not pick one day and call it the best. But certain events do stand out, like witnessing the first complete Ordering process in our Virtual Factory or getting a very positive customer feedback to a new development.

What makes the team of KREATIZE special? I became friends with pretty much the whole team in a very short time. I love the atmosphere and the fact, that everyone is just positive and motivated

Is there a fun fact you want to share? There are flying Rubber Ducks, Croissants, Cookies and an FDM Printer that I like to experiment with. It’s a good place to be creative.

Samuel Böhm, Business Development Working Student, before Intern in Summer 2017

Do you remember your first day at KREATIZE? Yes! I was actually there one day before the official start of the internship. I just wanted to visit the office shortly in the afternoon, so that I would know exactly where to go the next morning! The short visit extended into a very long one. So I was introduced directly to the whole team and felt instantly welcome. Since we were a couple of interns in the summer, we unceremoniously built our own workplaces and reorganized the whole office, together with the entire team.

When we finished at 9pm, we were told that it was time to “grab your bags, we’re going to the Irish Pub” now! No sooner said than done and we all went to the Irish Pub, where we logically drowned! We kept on talking about different things for ever, as if we already knew each other for ages! For my “Berlin baptism”, my first official drink was the “Berlin Luft” shot, and I perceived its taste to be comparable to mouthwash.

The evening finally ended at night, after hours of conversation at the Irish Pub! It was a truly unique “first day of work” that was more or less not my first day of work. How good is it to start at 10:00 am on my “first day” and finish with a friendly social night at the Irish Pub?

How would you describe your experience working at KREATIZE? I enjoyed the whole three months with KREATIZE, the only downside is the Berlin apartment search, but that’s another topic. The whole team is incredibly open, helpful, motivated and of course, highly skilled — a really unique combination! Thus, we have progressed at a rapid pace with the various projects and have continued to advance KREATIZE.

Every working day was long and intense, but was also marked with motivation. As such, it was fun to come back to work every day. There were also enough relaxation breaks before, during and after work: Ranging from kickstarting the week with the Monday “TGIM — Thanks God it’s Monday” breakfast, to playing games such as FIFA and Mario Kart. Unfortunately our dear KREATIZE colleagues have to practice a bit. They had a chance against me only in a few instances. Thanks to the motivated and highly skilled team, I amassed a lot of knowledge and developed further both on a professional and a personal level. Fortunately, I have done my job quite well during my internship and I am allowed to continue my work. But this time, I work as a working student! It is a great chance to witness a great company and a great product continue to grow!

What was your best day at KREATIZE? I think I cannot really say that! Rather than one day standing out as the best, I generally liked the whole period during my time there. The month of July was an incredible month, when so many series of events were happening at a fast pace both in the software and in the business development team. So I felt that July passed by in a flash! Over the three months of my internship, there were always absolute fun days, which could be mentioned here. However, it would probably be way too much for a blog article.

What makes the team of KREATIZE special? Here I can only repeat and lay emphasis on the team’s really unique composition. With team members originating from four different continents and diverse countries, all of which are highly motivated and qualified, it is a very special team to be part of. The team is as you would imagine it to be in a globalized and digitalized world — profoundly international and multicultural. And I always consciously use the word team, since it fits much better here than the simple term of “colleague”. The team is strongly cohesive and since everyone is important to the team, no one can escape his or her duty.

Is there a fun fact you want to share? If you want to get creative at KREATIZE, you can always play around with one of our 3D printers. Whether it is a prototype made for professional or artistic use, you can experiment as freely as you want, as long as no one else is already printing something (With high demand from our creative team, our 3D printers tend to be busy). Fun fact: it once took us up to three weeks to setup a new 3D printer.

And here some more insights about how interns experienced their time at KREATIZE:

Working at KREATIZE has been a really exciting and enriching experience for me so far. I’ve learned a lot of new things, interesting concepts and I’ve got to know some very nice people with whom I’ve spent a great time during my internship in Berlin. I’m quite excited about all the promising things that are yet to come! (A. Merdian-Tarko, Intern in Business Development, 2016)

Working at KREATIZE is the kind of experience that you want to have on your resume and talk about. The people working in there made me feel comfortable and special on the first day. I will definitely convince people to join this journey. “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” — Confucius (D.H., Intern Backend Development, 2016)

Time passes by quickly, however, the indelible marks left by cherishing memories don’t fade away. Coming to a new city and staying alone for the first time was a bit of a challenge to me. However, I was wholeheartedly welcomed by KREATIZE as a new member of a family and that made my stay amazing. Apart from gathering invaluable experience, KREATIZE has taught me a true essence of passion in work, respect for others, and importance of freedom and responsibility. I am dearly going to miss everybody in the company, and thank you all for making my time here extra special. (Samuel B., Intern Business Development, 2017)

Working at KREATIZE has been an amazing experience — Being surrounded by motivated, passionate and such nice people is simply the best. I got to learn so much in a very short period of time! When you go to the office every morning with a smile on your face…you know it is the right place! [For your Golden Book TamTam ;)]. It was amazing working with you guys — and we were the best at the spoon race. Hope KREATIZE keeps up with its growth and achieves even greater things! (Agathe G., Intern Development, 2017)

My three month internship with KREATIZE has been a fulfilling learning experience, both professionally and personally, and I couldn’t have asked for more! It has been a privilege to work with such a loving, warm and intelligent group of individuals and one can only expect great things from this team. I will be rooting for you guys as you transform the manufacturing world! Thanks for everything! (Debanjan C. Business Development Intern, 2016)

If you are also looking for a new challenge — transforming the manufacturing industry — let us know by sending us an email to jobs@kreatize.com. We know there are more amazing interns out there!

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