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The smartest way to receive orders.

Accept orders free of charge & optimally utilize your capacities.

Why become a partner of KREATIZE?

No matter whether you offer milling, turning or cutting: With KREATIZE you can optimally utilize your capacities.

We stand up for you

Together we ensure the successful implementation of our customers. Their speed, quality and capacity pay off. This is how you receive further orders and become a top partner in our network.

Your benefits as a partner of KREATIZE


Optimal utilization of free capacities

Depending on your order situation you can offer free capacities in our network or pause for the time being.


Receive orders free of charge

As soon as you are registered, you will start to receive orders which you can accept online.


Receive requests with a target price

With the registration you receive exclusively inquiries with the target prices.

,,Since working with KREATIZE, we have received several requests without any effort on our part, all we have to do is agree and can then dedicate ourselves entirely to manufacturing the components.‘‘
Werner D., Metal machining company from NRW
,,As part of KREATIZE’s manufacturing network, we easily receive suitable orders that we no longer need to calculate ourselves. Depending on capacity utilization, we can decide whether to accept or reject orders – without any additional cost in the calculation and processing. That saves us a lot of time.‘‘
Harald S., Contract manufacturer turning and milling, Bavaria
,,At KREATIZE we see all orders online and are able to accept them directly – so little communication and consultation is necessary. All information about the projects can be accessed via the portal and processed very quickly.‘‘
Thorsten H., Metal cutting mechanics, Baden-Württemberg

One contact. Many orders.

We are not an “intermediation platform” or an “agent”! We are your client and we take care of all the technical or other queries as well as invoice processing. We vouch for the quality of our partners.

You don’t have to “bid” on requests! The requests sent to you are marked with a target price, delivery date and further information on material and drawings. As soon as you accept an enquiry, you will also be awarded the contract at the agreed target price.

Our partner cooperation is based on equality and trust We are aware of the challenges in the manufacturing industry and are therefore constantly working on relationship improvements with our partners. We see you as a partner and not as an extended workbench.


What does KREATIZE do?

KREATIZE helps mechanical engineering companies to purchase components quickly and easily. This is only possible with a network of reliable manufacturing partners. Therefore we rely on the success of both sides.

You can find more information about our team and our vision here

What is my role as a partner?

Depending on your order situation, you can activate your capacities in our system. This allows you to make flexible decisions and to constantly utilize your capacities with additional orders from our network.

Before you are accepted as a partner in our network, all partners sign a non-disclosure agreement and share relevant data regarding machine, materials & tolerances in order to be able to optimally allocate the customer request. In addition, an audit is carried out to ensure quality.
We are looking for manufacturers who want to use their production facilities more easily and flexible and who are curious about new digital sales channels. We offer completely risk-free and fast access to our digital production network. Usually, we are very interesting for small and medium-sized companies that have a significant workload in their order management teams. Our digital production currently offers additive manufacturing (e.g. SLM, SLS, FDM & MJM) and traditional methods (e.g. CNC milling, CNC turning, CNC waterjet cutting & CNC laser cutting).
In general, we do not have a minimum number of certificates that a partner must meet. However, since KREATIZE has customers from various industries, we must ensure that they meet the general requirements of our partner’s industry. Only in this way can KREATIZE guarantee that both sides are satisfied with each offer. So it is up to you, the more certificates you have, the more industries you can serve, which means that you can potentially receive more orders.
Once you join KREATIZE’s network, KREATIZE will consider you as a potential supplier for customer requests. Customer requests will be tailored to your manufacturing processes, so you will only receive matching requests from the network. You will receive the production request, which you can accept or reject according to your capacity. By placing additional orders, you can optimize the utilization of your production capacities.
As a member of Digital Production, you primarily benefit from additional orders without having to spend additional time on sales. This enables you to reduce your average production costs and increase your margin across the entire production process. In addition to the Virtual Factory, you can also benefit from KREATIZE’s sales management tool. With the KREATIZE tool, you always have an overview, from the inquiry to the price calculation to the preparation of the offer and the follow-up. All in one intelligent sales solution!
If you are selected by KREATIZE as a suitable supplier, it is up to you to accept or reject the request. Normally you have one day until KREATIZE automatically rejects the request. We only ask our partners to accept offers if your current capacity is sufficient to produce the component in the shortest possible time.

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