With our KREATIZE Manufacturing Services platform, we are providing Cloud Manufacturing access for companies. With a wide range of manufacturings services and materials, we are your one-stop-shop for custom parts.


Access the Entire Spectrum of Manufacturing Without Owning Machines

KREATIZE Manufacturing Services (KMS) is a full-service platform granting hardware companies access to all manufacturing capabilities without the hassle of owning a machine. Our services are enabled by a team of experienced and world-class engineers, who apply top-notch software solutions and Cloud Manufacturing technology to connect business customers with a vetted partner network. Through the KMS platform, you fully own all manufacturing by being able to select from a wide range of materials and processes tailored to your demands.

1. Configure Parts

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2. Analyze Parts

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3. Manufacture Parts

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4. Track Parts

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KMS Offers On-Demand Subtractive and Additive Manufacturing Processes

KREATIZE Manufacturing Services (KMS) grant companies on-demand access to a variety of manufacturing processes. These include subtractive (CNC-Turning,-Milling, -Waterjet Cutting, -Lasercutting) as well as additive processes (FDM, MJM, SLS & SLM). Read more in our KREATIZE Glossary.

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KMS Includes Over 400 Varieties of Plastics and Metals

KREATIZE Manufacturing Services (KMS) enable clients to choose from a variety of over 400 available plastics and metals for their components based on the respective manufacturing process. Read more in our KREATIZE Glossary.

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KREATIZE Quality Assurance

All KREATIZE components are subject to strict quality control before they are shipped to customers. This is how we guarantee the highest quality and fast delivery times. To this end, an order is inspected for non-order-related quality characteristics. Damage, rust, dirt, burrs, and other conspicuous features are inspected by the experts on-site, and defective parts are reworked directly on-site if possible.

All characteristics of an order are checked by an experienced measuring technician on the basis of the delivery bill and technical drawing. We also closely examine, if the dimensions have been manufactured within tolerance, if all machining processes have been carried out according to the customer’s order, and if the parts are in order to be shipped.
Parts with complex geometries are meteorologically examined in more detail on an ad-hoc basis if required.