At KREATIZE, we work hard to provide our customers with the most comprehensive quality standards available. We do this to ensure the proper production of all custom parts ordered through our cloud manufacturing network. 





World-Class Manufacturing Partners

KREATIZE is able to offer quality manufacturing services, and deliver on its customer satisfaction, because of its world-class manufacturing partners.

We only onboard manufacturers that are DIN EN ISO 9001 certified into our network. In addition, our suppliers have other certifications, such as: ISO 14001, IATF 16949 and ISO 27001. 

We then carry out onsite and remote audits of prospective manufacturing partners, to familiarize ourselves with their production & quality assurance processes, as well as assess their shop floors. 



Quality Management

The Optimal System

Our system has been designed to keep our services and manufacturing partners at an optimal level. It is composed of a series of standardized checks that strengthen our quality promise. For starters, every KREATIZE custom part order goes through a standardized part check. Any deviation is noted, and we require that a Deviation Approval Request form be made if such is the case. We also require our partners to use our standardized Measurement report for every part. 

Furthermore, in order to prevent transport damage, we provide our partners with a packaging guideline. Our Supply Managers carry out monthly feedback calls with partners to discuss performance, and find ways to improve delivery. Finally, 8D reports are made in the unlikely event of a mishap so as to ensure that the root cause is deciphered, and corrective action taken. 



Our Excellence Squad

KREATIZE has a dedicated team of Supply Managers and Technical Account Managers whose core task is making sure that our customers obtain the high quality promised with every order.

Leading this talented group of people is our Chief Supply Chain Officer Zod B. Mehr, who brings along a deep understanding of supply chains from his many years at Apple, where he led the product quality function for iPhones, iPads and watches.

Zod also worked for a decade at Dell, and served as the global head of quality for Uber’s JUMP bike and scooter sharing division.

Zod B. Mehr <br>zod@kreatize.com

Zod B. Mehr
Chief Supply Chain Officer

Sellamawe Woldemariam

Sellamawe Woldemariam
Head of Customer Success


Our 360 Degree Formula for Quality

We have A Complete Focus On Customer Needs 

We will deliver mechanical parts that are built to customer specifications regardless of number count. While also making use of our design capabilities to increase customer yields, reduce cost and better delivery times.

We Eliminate Need For Incoming Quality Control 

We focus our inspection at source (e.g.: “Source Inspection”). Thereby ensuring that all the parts made by our partners meet customer requirements. As a result of this, our customers never have to do incoming quality control (IQC). 

We Continuously Improve 

In the unlikely event of a quality mishap on a part, we will drive a thorough 8D report with the assigned partner. After understanding the root-cause, we will take corrective action and enhance our process with our findings.

We Anticipate the Customers Requirements

Additionally, we work to anticipate customer requirements in the areas of texture, surface finish, color and markings. By anticipating, we also strive to provide advice on how to better their designs. 

We Deliver On-Time & Maintain High Rate of Approval 

We maintain a 95% (within 24h, per order) on-time delivery rate, as well as 98% parts approval by the customer (per position). High-rates which we also aim to continuously optimize through learnings and innovation.

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