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Launchpad—the future of bringing (hardware) products to market

Product innovation is the #1 driver of future growth and defendable margins.

Europe is full of amazing companies producing some of the best products in their markets, but many of these companies are struggling with product innovation and development. It either takes too long, is too expensive, or it fails to meet market requirements.   

We think it’s time for this to change. We’re bringing together Kreators (hardware development innovators) and product designers to discuss the challenges and the successes of hardware product development. Introducing KREATIZE Launchpad – a platform for leaders and innovators to exchange knowledge, insight, and ideas. 

This quarterly event series will host thought leaders from across all industries with one common theme: we are passionate about hardware product development. 

Hear from renowned leaders on product innovation

We’ll be joined by founders of startups, CEOs of leading product companies, designers, developers, and engineers from around the world who will be talking with us about product development.

At this month’s event, we’ll hear from leaders at Klöckner & Co, HEDD, Emm! solutions, and Aveo (founder of the Future of Manufacturing community) about how they see the future of bringing products to market.

And, of course, you can expect to hear from KREATIZE CEO, Simon Tüchelman, and CSO, Zod Mehr, who will join the conversation. 

Connect with the product community

We hope to build a community of like-minded people who are changing the world by designing better products. And we hope you’ll join us!

While we may not be in person just yet, you’ll still have plenty of opportunities to network and connect with your peers in this community.  

Register now for free for Launchpad on 25 February @ 2:00pm CET 

Calling all creators! If you’d like to share your story at an upcoming Launchpad event, please get in touch with us.


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