Get to know the team and their stories: why we all love KREATIZE

Published by Tamara Tüchelmann on the 25th of June 2018.

Motivation, abilities, and commitment of our employees have led KREATIZE to grow fast since its creation in 2015. Our team work is formed by an unmatched mix of personalities, skills, and nationalities. While they are enjoying their time working at KREATIZE, some of them took a moment to share their first impressions and highlights of their jobs and the company.

Check out their answers to get to know them and KREATIZE atmosphere better.

If you are also looking for a new challenge and to become part of a talented team, let us know by sending us an email to jobs@kreatize.com.

Vijay Gollapalli, Technical Content Manager

Do you remember your first day at KREATIZE? How was it? My first day I was very nervous. It was my first job in Germany and in a startup. I was not sure how things were done in a startup. But as soon as I got to work there were croissants and everyone introduced themselves to me, which calmed me down a bit. Later I spent most of the morning with Cliff, Head of Business Development and Finance, who explained to me what we do as a company, our goals vision and how we plan on achieving them. I had lunch with Cliff, Daniel, and Matthieu. The afternoon was about me trying to understand my position and setting my goals for my internship.

How would you describe your experience working at KREATIZE? It has been an exciting 1 and a half year so far. Just to look back and see what happened at this time, it is just amazing. Since the start of my internship to now, I got to work for various “departments” of the company. From working on the sales pipelines, testing the product every week, customer success in building and improving pricing models, it’s just crazy.

What was your best day at KREATIZE? Every time we reach our GMV goals, I am very happy. I sometimes get surprised that there are companies who believe the price we quote is reasonable and order parts from us. I work on a daily basis to make sure our models provide the right price to the customer. But somehow to me every time we reach our GMV goals its a pleasant surprise.

What makes the team of KREATIZE special? The diversity. Even though we are few in number we already are a very diverse group of people who approach things differently. Not just in terms of nationality but also the educational backgrounds and experiences are very different. So whenever I ask help you always get many ways of tackling that task.

Is there a fun fact you want to share?  Before Ava, our office dog, I was very scared of dogs. Now I think I am getting better.

Aleksandra Knezevic, Software Engineer 

Do you remember your first day at KREATIZE? How was it? Yes, I had an introduction and met the whole team. I got a computer and was given an overview of my role. I was a bit nervous but everyone was very open and welcoming.

How would you describe your experience working at KREATIZE? Friendly atmosphere with constant learning opportunities. Since it is a start-up there is no stagnation, which is great. During company meetings, I get to learn about challenges in marketing, sales, and business, which I had not been exposed to before.

What was your best day at KREATIZE? I would say it was a barbeque day, which was organized after a very successful month. It was nice to celebrate with the whole company.

What makes the team of KREATIZE special? Everybody is very devoted to the company goals and always there to support other team members. We help each other by listening, offering ideas and encouraging experimentation. I learned a lot about communication, working in a team and web development.

Is there a fun fact you want to share? I noticed that lots of guys have their own, unusual (at least to me) way to open a beer bottle. There is also a team breakfast every Monday which is a cool way to start the week.

Kevin Armbruster, Customer Success

Do you remember your first day at KREATIZE? How was it? I came to the office and the first thing I had to do was build my own desk. Then I was introduced to what felt like a hundred new programs and tools to learn. But I felt very welcome and everyone was very open right from the start.

How would you describe your experience working at KREATIZE? I relish seeing how the things I helped to develop, become reality within weeks. The speed of implementation is just amazing.

What was your best day at KREATIZE? It really comes down to the whole experience. Every two days, I receive a new task to work on and I constantly feel that I am making progress, both towards my personal development and towards adding value to the company. I could not pick one day and call it the best. But certain events do stand out, like witnessing the first complete Ordering Process in our Virtual Factory or getting a very positive customer feedback to a new development.

What makes the team of KREATIZE special? I became friends with pretty much the whole team in a very short time. I love the atmosphere and the fact, that everyone is just positive and motivated

Is there a fun fact you want to share? There are flying Rubber Ducks, Croissants, Cookies and an FDM Printer that I like to experiment with. It’s a good place to be creative.

Viktor Seibert, Sales Management

Do you remember your first day at KREATIZE? How was it? My memory is quite blurry but I remember being immediately challenged with interesting tasks. While expecting to have a rather „slow“ first week, I was able to take over a couple of interesting projects right away. The team didn’t make me feel like „the new guy“ and I believe that some even laughed when I made a joke during the introduction round. What else can you ask for?

How would you describe your experience working at KREATIZE? It is a very participative, low hierarchy type of environment while the expectations in every team member are naturally high at all times. I truly value, that everybody can contribute ideas in any area and that it is being made quite easy to keep up to date with the progress being made in other parts of the company.

What was your best day at KREATIZE? My first day on the road, visiting Customers. A senior colleague and I went down to Baden-Würrtemberg and to the Saarland to meet the people in person, who I normally only speak to on the phone. It was very exciting to see the shop floors, hear the machines rumbling and to smell this very distinct, oily odor of a CNC machine in action. When I speak to customers and partners now and hear a lot of noise in the background, I can picture them much more vividly. Sometimes, it is so loud that I wonder if they are literally sitting in a milling machine.

What makes the team of KREATIZE special? It is made up of very down to earth people who all share an intrinsic motivation for the cause. Everyone is truly convinced that KREATIZE is doing something with a great purpose. The mentality is absolutely hands-on and focused on getting things done. I think that we always set ourselves very high goals and if we achieve our goals, we probably didn’t set the bar high enough. However, since I started, there have only been a handful of days at work, which I didn’t really enjoy and this was because I had a way too much to drink the night before. Concluding, I consider myself very fortunate to work together with a team like this and I believe that we will be able to keep the same spirit even as we grow.

If you are also looking for a new challenge — transforming the manufacturing industry — let us know by sending us an email to jobs@kreatize.com. We know there are more amazing interns out there!

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